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Testimonials - 2017


January 3, 2017--"This therapy is working.  Thank you."

January 4, 2017--"Thank you for all the help you have given my father over the years."

January 5, 2017--"Thank you for all you've done to help our son.  I don't worry so much as I did since before he was under your care.  Thank you."

January 5, 2017--"Thank you for taking care of my daughter.  She's obviously so much better under your care."

January 6, 2017--"You are so wise.  Thank god I found you."

January 6, 2017--"I couldn't have gotten well without you.  Thank you."

January 6, 2017--"I am relaxed with you."

January 6, 2017--"You are really important in my life.  Without you I would not be able to make the good judgment calls I now do.  I am now a completely different woman, thanks to you."

January 6, 2017--"You are an excellent physician.  You listen to me.  Then you give me really excellent advice.  And your support is excellent.  You've done very good work!"

January 9, 2017--"Thank you for help today, as always."

January 9, 2017--"You are doing a great job, and I am very grateful."

January 9, 2017--"You did a good job on me.  I am feeling a lot better.  You deserve my thanks.  You did it!"

January 10, 2017--"Just being here with you makes me feel better--safe and understood."

January 10, 2017--"These sessions have been really good for me.  You are right on the money."

January 11, 2017--"You are my number 1."

January 13, 2017--"You have been helping me a lot."

January 20, 2017--"You are very intuitive."

January 20, 2017--"Thank you for your suggestions.  I am already feeling better."

January 23, 2017--"I've come a long way, thanks to you.  I give you a whole lot of credit for helping me."

January 24, 2017--"You have a wonderful ability to shake up a situation and establish a correct perspective."

January 24, 2017--"Thank you.  You are very compassionate."

January 25, 2017--"I really like seeing you.  You are my joy.  You have changed my life 2,000%."

January 25, 2017--"You are always able to summarize exactly what I am going through.  I really appreciate it as you are able to express in words what I am going through.  I always thank you.  I have seen seven therapists, but I think you are the top.  You have helped me the most of everyone else."

January 27, 2017--"You are one of the few people whom my sister trusts."

January 30, 2017--"I am a big fan of yours."

January 31, 2017--"Thank you.  You did so much for me."

February 2, 2017--"I just love you.  I feel close to you and am grateful."

February 3, 2017--"You are very talented as a psychiatrist."

February 3, 2017--"I am very glad I found you.  I always feel better when I come to see you."

February 3, 2017--"Thank you, doctor.  You helped me a lot."

February 7, 2017--"I was so encouraged talking to you last week.  I was so stressed I felt I would have a stroke.  When you told me how encouraging my father's condition was, I thought he might heal after all.  So thank you Dr. Davidson."

February 7, 2017--"You have been very helpful to me."

February 9, 2017--"I love talking to you because you also talk to me.  I remember so many of our conversations.  You are the reason I came back to Los Angeles."

February 10, 2017--"You just did something to help me that none of my doctors in 35 years did.  You are an excellent doctor."

February 13, 2017--"Thanks to you, I feel good."

February 15, 2017--"I always feel good after I come home from a session with you."

February 16, 2017--"Since I talked to you, I have been much more relaxed about my father."

February 17, 2017--"I am a different person now.  I used to just react, and now I can take my time and think about it.  It's a different world for me.  My best move was to go to you. The only thing I am sorry about is that I didn't do it 20 years ago."

February 20, 2017--"Thank you so much for your guidance.  You are awesome, so kind to me.  I want to be like you--someone who helps people every day."

February 20, 2017--"I saved my mom's life with your help."

February 23, 2017--"Thank you for bringing me along so far.  I owe you a lot."

February 24, 2017--"Thank you.  It's very nice all the things you point out to me."

February 24, 2017--"Thank you for all your wonderful information.  You saved me."

February 24, 2017--"I was all boxed up before I came to you."

February 27, 2017 “When I leave, I am happy.  This is the only appointment I look forward to."

February 27, 2017--"You've done a great job with me.  So, thanks to you."

March 1, 2017--"I am better because I am coming here.  I can't wait to come.” 

March 2, 2017--"Dr. Davidson, I love you because we talk to each other--about my problems and life; you don't just sit there and listen."

March 2, 2017--"I am so lucky I bumped into you."

March 7, 2017--"Thank you for your terrific advice.  It really worked!"

March 7, 2017--"I really appreciate what you have done for me.  Without you, I would not be as well as I am now.  I would have a lot more difficulties."

March 7, 2017--"The lady I am the caretaker for says she always looks forward to seeing you."

March 9, 2017--"My recovery, thanks to you, has been rather quick."

March 9, 2017--"You've recommended to wonderful doctors."

March 16, 2017--"I have to really thank you.  I feel better after talking to you."

March 17, 2017--"I thank you for helping me become the new me."

March 17, 2017--"You are very caring.  I am very happy we find you. It’s the biggest blessing we have.  My brother was surprised she is so much better."

March 28, 2017--"I feel guilty I didn't come earlier for your services."

March 29, 2017--"You are a wonderful therapist."

March 29, 2017--"I am walking out of here with such a weight gone."

March 30, 2017--"Of all my psychiatrists I have seen, you are the psychiatrist I like best."

April 4, 2017--"You are a very nice, good doctor.  I have progressed a lot."

April 11, 2017--"Every doctor you referred me to is great.  Thank you."

April 12, 2017--"I am feeling very much better."

April 14, 2017--"You got me to the ability to handle all the losses of my life."

April 18, 2017--"You relieve my worry when I come to see you."

April 26, 2017--"I am very grateful that you help me."

May 4, 2017--"I like coming here.  It makes me feel better."

May 4, 2017--"I really appreciate all you do for our family.  Thank you very much."

May 4, 2017--"Your advice helps."

May 5, 2017--"You are the only psychiatrist who has ever been able to help me."

May 9, 2017--"Without you, I would not have survived the last 5 years."

May 11, 2017--"Thank you.  I am now the best I have ever been."

May 18, 2017--"You are a miracle worker.  You are the only reason I am here and not dead."

May 18, 2017--"I have gotten a lot better since I have started seeing you--way, way, way better."

June 5, 2017--"We really appreciate all you have done for our family."

August 24, 2017--"You are very good at reading people."

September 13, 2017--"I can't tell you how much I appreciate your help with us."

September 13, 2017--"You are the only doctor I have been to who didn't patronize me as a female."

October 11, 2017--"Thank you, Dr. Davidson.  I appreciate the help."

October 11, 2017--"You helped me a lot.  You make me think about stuff."

October 12, 2017--"You are a big help.  You know a lot about drugs and what each one does."

October 17, 2017--"If I would move, I would miss you."

October 17, 2017--"You should be proud of yourself, Dr. Davidson.  You helped me a lot."

October 17, 2017--"I am very grateful to you for talking to me through the last 18 months.  You've been terrific."

October 18, 2017--“You are very personable.”

October 19, 2017--"I am really happy with all the doctors you turned me on to.  They have all taken care of me really good."

October 19, 2017--"You have been a wonderful person to me."

October 20, 2017--"You have helped me."

October 24, 2017--"Thanks to you, you've always made sure my illness remained under control."

October 24, 2017--"My association with you has kept me alive.  You are very supportive and very understanding."

October 25, 2017--"My appointment with you is the foundation of everything."

October 30, 2017-- "Your advice makes perfect sense."

October 30, 2017--"You have been the instrument for getting me to the point of stopping sabotaging myself."

October 31, 2017--"Thanks to you I feel good and don't have any complaints."

November 3, 2017--"I am glad I found you.  You are a godsend."

November 7, 2017--"I feel fine, thanks to you."

November 7, 2017--"Thank you for everything!"

November 9, 2017--"You saved my life, Dr. Davidson"

November 13, 2017--"You are my number 1 doctor.  You always help me."

November 15, 2017--"You have all the qualities I want in a psychiatrist."

November 20, 2017--"You have helped me a great deal."

November 21, 2017--"You make me whole."

November 21, 2017--"We appreciate everything you have done for us."

November 22, 2017--"Thank you.  I really feel energized because of you."

November 21, 2017--"Since I have you, I don't worry about my future."

November 28, 2017--"Thanks to you, I have gained a lot more confidence."

November 29, 2017--"I have such confidence in you."

November 29, 2017--"I look forward to our sessions. You are a very good listener.  And you are non-judgmental."

November 30, 2017--"Thank you for helping me get well.  And you saved my son's life."

November 30, 2017--"You are the best thing that has ever happened to me."

December 1, 2017--"You are saving my mother's life."

December 4, 2017--"You have made my father the best he has ever been."

December 5, 2017--"You were more than helpful to my sister and helped her a great deal."

December 6, 2017--"My brother really enjoys seeing you, because you are smart and good to talk to."

December 8, 2017--"I appreciate everything you have done for my mom.  You are good!"

December 8, 2017--"You are a wonderful therapist.  I like you.  I like what you have to say.  You are very honest."

December 11, 2017--"Thank you for your kindness and patience."

December 12, 2017--"These sessions are my anchor stones."

December 13, 2017--"My anxiety neurosis is better since I have been seeing you."

December 21, 2017--"My internist referred me to you and said you are a fabulous doctor."

December 21, 2017--"You are a miracle worker."

December 21, 2017--"The session was wonderful, as always.  I am a lucky guy to find you."

December 22, 2017--"If I didn't come here, I'd jump off a boat."

December 26, 2017--"Thank you very much for your nice treatment of my son this year.  I really appreciate it."

December 26, 2017--"I am lucky to have found you.  I spoke to my therapist about how good you are.  I have gotten more serious about getting better since seeing you."

December 27, 2017--"My previous psychiatrist said she didn't know what to do with me.  Because of your expertise and great insight into medications, I am more balanced than I have ever been my whole life!"

December 28, 2017--"Thanks to you, I feel good."

December 29, 2017--"My previous psychiatrist said I am in good hands with you.  She couldn't praise you more.  You are a very learned and well-respected man.  There is something very trusting about you.  You don't frighten me.  And I don't feel there is anything I can't say or be ashamed of."

December 29, 2017--"You are a nice man.  I like you.  I believe in you."

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