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Testimonials - 2011



“For the first time, with you I am beginning to learn to live with my problems. I am the happiest I have ever been.”


"I think that the fact that you and I are able to deal with these things in a very trusting atmosphere enables me to grow and understand the dynamics of my relationship with my mother and with my coworkers and the city.”


"We’ve done well together. I have really learned in our conversations how to put things in my lap. As a result, my daughter is able to give voice to a lot of feelings without fear that somehow she will pay the price, as I will not lash out at her, be critical of her. So that, oftentimes, there is the expression of gratitude, that I listen and when asked give her an opinion of what is going on. The result is that there is a degree of equilibrium in our relationship, which hasn’t been before—a maturation. The ‘two kids’ are not fighting and love each other, and not mixing up their love with negativity.”


"My dad and I are getting along well, the best since I have been 12 years old, because of you. You got us to that point where we can talk. I feel so much happier in my life now that my dad and I are getting along better.”


"Dr. Davidson, you deserve the Nobel Prize. You’re the biggest genius. You recognized my bipolar disorder in my mother and me. You taught me to live a happy life by being honest. You always treated me fairly as a patient. You are a wonderful man."

“It’s good to have a doctor like you. It feels very safe.”


“I wish you were my lawyer. It speaks to your character. I have said this before: You are not only just a physician, but you are an advocate. You are very passionate about what you do. It’s inspiring. And you love what you do because you are passionate about it, very passionate about it."

“You’re a wonderful person, as you are kind and compassionate, and you phone back. I feel very safe and very content with you. I feel peace and comfort, coming here. You’re such a wonderful therapist, and I am lucky to have you as a therapist.”

"I wanted to call you and thank you for all your kindness to my mother. I appreciate how nice you were to her. You were always so kind. I wanted you to know how I felt. I wish you good things.”

“You have helped me tremendously. You have saved my life and sanity. You are my savior.”

“You have helped me. My god, I no longer feel alone in the world. I sleep better. Every Tuesday I look forward to coming here. I feel better, a lot better. I wonder why so many of my other psychiatrists never helped me.”


“The trauma was overwhelming. Twenty years of treatment with someone else did not accomplish what I got with you in a few months. And after several years of treatment with you, there is incredible advancement. My intellectual thought patterns are returning. And now I am positively focused on how things had transpired with me but had been belittled by others. No one had wanted to address it until I met you, as everyone grimaced at my problems. It was easier for others to ignore me. You were the first person who did not belittle me but told me what my flat affect was and how important it is to my condition. In addition, for me to find out the extent of the neglect that I suffered and you not running away from addressing this neglect has been better than relieving to me: It has been intellectually rewarding and soul satisfying!”

“I feel I am very much in the right place at the right time. Meeting you gives me hope in getting through to my granddaughter. I have lessened my burden on myself. I am more amenable to a happy outcome. Things that happen are not bugging me as much. I am glad about the open policy you have about talking about things and you say what you think.”

“I totally appreciate everything you did for me. I thought I was a lost cause and could not get well. I can honestly say I feel much better now. It seems unreal. I’m glad it’s happening. I used to feel I was in a hole and would never get out. Now I feel everything is possible. It’s a good feeling. I used to be so sad. I've improved so much. My boyfriend thinks it’s insane how much I have improved!”

"You really helped me. I don’t know how you got through to my father and boyfriend, but you did. They are really stubborn! “

"I like you because you are honest and helpful."

“You are very perceptive. You have transformed me. I come to a dead end and don’t see a way out. And you are very good at pointing out the next step. So I think very highly of you and your treatment possibilities, as you can always guide me into the next stage. I think you are outstanding in that. That’s where you have done so much for me and helped me so much. You are very talented and very creative as a psychiatrist. You have found your calling.”

“You gave me a special strength that I needed. It’s been a special connection. I never had that with a doctor, before.”

“Thank you for changing my life. You did a good job.”

“You are so perceptive, amazingly. You always come up with a solution to the situation, where I don’t even see the way out. It’s something happening to me and you pick it up and move me forward. You have been doing it all alone. That’s why this therapy has been such a success, because you have been such a wonderful doctor. And you do it almost every time.”

“I am really glad you are my doctor. I feel really safe with you. You are really a doctor to help people change their lives. You care about your patients, not just the money. Thank you.”

"Years ago, I sent you a friend of my sister-in-law whom you were kind enough to help out. You diagnosed bipolar disorder, as he had a breakdown. Now he has a Ph. D. in psychology and has done advanced research. He teaches, has bought a house, is married, has a child, and became a tenured full professor. You did a really good thing and really helped him. Your work has paid off in good kind deeds!"

“You have high intelligence to grasp the inside of the confusing descriptions and hostility that I gave you. That is called objectivity. Only intelligent people have that, are able to see other peoples' points of view with detachment instead of subjectivity, and approach it professionally. I appreciate your professionalism. Thank you for being tolerant of me. You deserve my compliment. You have a very good way about you.”

“I really appreciate you pointing out my authority problem with myself. You made me discover it. You’re confirming it made me realize I had it. It is a terrible thing to do to anyone. I tried to control my parents and you. I am not going to try to control you anymore. You are free! You indicated that my authority thing stressed me out and caused my panic attacks.”

"You are very kind, wonderful, and have a sweet temperament. I really appreciate it.”

'You make my life go around. You are awesome. My week is not complete until I see you. Thank you."

“You are a very special, caring compassionate person. You have a beautiful soul. I have known you long enough to know that you mean it.”

“Things are good. I am a happy patient.”


“One of the best things I have done is get you.”

"You are very special. I have had over 20 psychiatrists. Anything I do, you become involved in. It’s the most unusual trait I have ever seen. Even my sister comments on it. I feel supported by you. I feel that anything I endeavor, I have someone who’ll help me. You don’t put me down or say that I am reaching too high. And you don’t leave me alone. I like that very much. And that’s not a common trait. It’s not even an uncommon trait. And you understand me pretty well.”


"I'd like to thank you and the rest of the Elmcrest staff for teaching me so much that I have carried on in life. I learned much about how to deal with my family and life in general."


“Everything is wonderful. I did exactly as you said. It worked out great. Thank you. You are awesome!”


“Everything you told me to do was perfect. You saved my life, my health and my sanity.”


"Not a day goes by that I don’t feel grateful that you treat me."


“I have been to a number of therapists in my life. I feel comfortable with you, can open up to you, and tell you things. The fact that I am able to open up and let you into an area of my life I have always hidden, is why I should hang on to you. I have never had this in previous therapies. You, in a short time, know already a lot more about me than my previous therapists knew in 30 years!”

“I have to give all thanks and credit to you. I was a mess when I first walked up here.”

“Every time I come here, this is the only place I feel safe in the world. Because you will tell me the truth, be honest with me, and won’t play with my mind. I like honesty. I feel I can get that here.”


"I think you are excellent at what you do, a very good psychiatrist, and extremely kind, which are the most important things."


"I don't think I've said how glad I am that I got all that time to talk with you, how steadying you are, and that I miss you."


“My mother’s personality changed for the better after she met you. It was noticeable by many people because she became very sweet. I told my cousin that she became sweet because she loved you. She became a different person. It was only after she came to see you that she became lovable.”

"You are a good and kind person who truly wants to fix his patients. You have the patience of Job, and you are very strong."

“If it were not for you, I would not be alive today. There are times I am very down and feel very bad, yet I can still think. I often ‘talk to you', even when you are not there. You challenge me to push and realize. There are very big guidance and support I receive from you. You keep me together.”

“I am grateful for my therapy and that you are so gracious when I am a bitch.”

“You are a great doctor. Every time I talk to you, I get something positive.”


“Your analysis was very good to realize. I was really impressed. I really appreciate it. You have great perspectives. You could see the whole scope of what was going on, that I had to struggle for 49 years to understand. For you to spell it out was very good. The truth, I learned a lot from it. You are a brilliant thinker for sharing what you did. I feel now that I have found the right psychiatrist whom I would like to stick with to get help. Thank you for that. It was the truth you talked about. It was the truth I had to accept. You are very sweet tempered and kind.”

"It was a pleasure talking to you today, as always. You make my day!"

"You have helped me, and I want to thank you. You have helped our family, and I want to thank you even more for that."

"It's a pleasure to come in and share my improvement with you. You've been a big support, and I appreciate it tremendously."


"Of all the guys I meet that are horrible, I meet one that makes up for all the others; and you are one of them. Thank you for saving my life and my sanity. It was the best thing you could ever do. It was perfect. Thank you for sticking by me."


"When I come to you and leave, I feel treated as an equal; and I always feel good when that happens."


"Thank you for everything you have done for me and for giving me a chance to get better and have a good life. I don't know where I would be without you."


"Thank you for your time and patience. This has been a very long, difficult time in our lives. I know, if it had not been for you and the grace of God, I am sure I would be dead by now. Thank you so much. I have included a picture of the two of us attending the 50th wedding celebration of our friends. As you can see, things are much better and happier."


"Thank you, Dr. Davidson. I rave about you."


"You help me articulate and think things through in a very positive fashion."


"You are one of the nicest doctors I have ever dealt with. I appreciate you. Thank you so much."


"I want to thank you. You are very kind. You are a very, very special person in my life."

"You are intelligent enough and big-hearted enough to take my bad side and deal with it. You have a depth of character that my other psychiatrists didn't have. I trust you to let you see who I really am. That's huge."

"Thank you for being so discerning and focusing me."

"I think you are a great psychiatrist. You have a very good handle on who you are and life. You are intelligent and empathetic. You respond very, very warmly. I think you are very ethical. I have experience with two other psychiatrists and came away rather irritated. It's not an easy profession."

"You are so nice to me, and I like talking to you."

"You are remarkably helpful. I would not say that about any of my previous therapists whom I have seen since I was very young."

"For the first time, I can now see my whole illness. You should be the proudest person in the world right now. I don’t know why you treat me. This is the most dramatic thing in my existence. I am so difficult that most people would not treat me. Only an A+ doctor would do this."

"You are a good doctor. I trust what you say; it makes sense. You are always there and always bail me out when I get lost. I like your advice. I am fortunate to have therapy with you."

"Your therapy is extremely successful. It has brought about a revolution in my makeup and my entire personality. I have achieved the purpose of my life. I have understood my deep-seated, excruciatingly painful problems. You helped me with it and witnessed it. It has had a tremendous impact on my relationship with myself and other men and women. I have turned 180 degrees. I don’t harbor my anger anymore. I am flexible. I give the other person another chance. I don't have as many hang-ups as I used to have. It's to your credit. I have had six therapists before you. This I the only successful therapy I have ever had. It is paying off tremendously! My rudder is you, so I could wade through all that muck of my life."

"Coming here has helped me with the things I was bothered with. My anxiety and being emotional have improved a lot."

"I like you. You are a gentle soul and very straightforward."

"You saved my life!"

"You are a good person. Besides that, you are a nice man."

"You are a very nice doctor. You are coping with me. The other doctors didn't."

"I learned so much coming here. You helped me get my life back, better than it ever was."

"I have shared with you things I would not share with anyone. Anyone includes my previous psychiatrists, therapists and social workers. I don't trust them. I trust you."

"I am so proud to have you as my psychiatrist. I respect you."

"Thank you so much. You are awesome, as usual."

"You gave me the determination to stay alive and healthy and gorgeous as long as I can!"

"You saved my life. You helped me pick up the pieces of what was left in my life and my crazy family."

"You keep guiding me and give comfort. If I didn't have you to guide me, I would have never gotten there."

"Thank you for always being there."

"You are awesome. You are my hero."

"Thank you, doctor. You made me feel so much better."

"You keep me on the straight level. I looked over in the back seat and there you were, keeping me calm."

"I enjoy you. You are really quite good."

"I love our sessions. You give me focus."

"I am so grateful I have come here. I feel so much better now."

"You have great faith in me and, more than that, you really understand what has happened to me. You have a tremendous understanding, and because of that, you have a great deal of compassion and forgiveness for what I felt I did wrong. You always said I didn't do anything wrong. And you are a very positive relationship with me in my life. I know you understand me because of the things you tell me and make a difference to me about how I feel about myself, things that bother me and upset me."

"I always enjoy conversing with you and the things you say are very helpful to me."

"Coming here has made me..., instead of holding a lot of stuff back, I just say it now. I would hold tons of stuff back with my in-laws. Now if they don’t like it, that's the breaks. It's been 30 years I have had this problem. Coming here has a mellowing effect. I think all week of what we talked about until I come here and talk to you again."

"You are 100% better than my other psychiatrist. He didn't diagnose me or medicate me properly."

"I told my friend how happy I am with you."

"My son says you are the first doctor on the right track. He said that I now look normal, focused, and run up and down the stairs with ease. He said, ' I haven't seen you look this good, focused, talking and laughing in years!'"

"I owe it all to you. I have come out of whatever I was in."

"You don't know how much you have helped me. I am really better, not depressed, not scattered, can think straight and my memory has come back. I can sleep, go out with my friends That's very good right there. I have sanity."

"When I met you, I became born again. I am much better now. You are awesome."

"If I hadn't found you, I would be in a nursing home by now."

"I am very grateful to you for helping to put me in a wonderful time of my life. You are a good friend, professionally. You are patient with me."

"On a cloudy day, you bring a pleasant smile and laughter. I like that. Not too many people can do that. Every time I come here, you make me smile and laugh. I like that."


"I figured if I came here and talked to you, I'd feel better. You always make everything OK."

"Thank you for giving me the jump start to go within myself to this point of not being depressed anymore."

"I really appreciate you. You are really smart. You have made so much progress with me."

"You are good. We have a good collaboration. This is the first time I am accepted for who I am." 

"You teach me to protect myself and think."

"You are so kind. You are incredible. You made me laugh for the first time in a very long. You are a very generous and kind person. God bless you."

"I have always liked you, as I felt your chief characteristic is your kindness."

"You are great and I appreciate it. You are going to get me well."

"I have come a long way with your therapy and fixed many things in my life."

"I am gaining knowledge about a lot of things, perceiving things how they really are. I am going to work on my bad behavior."


"You handle our sessions good. You give me feedback. I get a lot out of these sessions. You take me through all aspects of me. You feel about my person to be able to say things. You challenge me. You push different buttons. Buttons have to be pushed, especially when a person is trying to get around to their true self, psychologically. I am dealing with the rest of my life. I have to fix my ailments. My outlook on a lot of things has changed and I feel comfortable with the person I am becoming. You are a good doctor, and I would recommend you, if anybody needed talking to."


"I appreciate everything you do."

"You are more ethical than any other doctor I have ever seen."


"Thank you for everything. I feel so much better when I come here."


​"I feel lucky to be here. Thank you. I mean that."


​"What I learned to do with you is to find the happiness in my life. I have gotten through the cobwebs."


"Thanks Dr. Davidson. Everything is always so much better after I come here."


​"You are a good doctor and a good detective!"


​"I am sure glad I have a shrink. It works. Who else am I going to say all my stuff to?"


​"You have been the biggest help to me. Thank you."

"I am so thankful for you."


"You are worth your weight in gold. You have helped J more than any other doctor. You have a global outlook, while the others are specialists work in a very small frame of reference. I couldn't do it if you haven't been helping me. I am very grateful."


"Thank you for everything. You are such a fantastic doctor."

"I like you very much. You are an understanding person, and you have compassion. I enjoy talking to you."


"You are a sweet and kind human being."

"You are really good at what you do."

"You do your job. You helped me."

"I sent my son to you, as I trust you."

"I like you very much. You are an understanding person, and you have compassion. I enjoy talking to you."

"My other psychiatrists didn't have the outstanding empathetic qualities that you have."

"I made a list of all the qualities I wanted as a doctor--real kindness; and I came here, and I knew I came to the right place. A lot of psychiatrists are not that nice. You are very nice."

"I feel the best my whole life thanks to you."


"I would thank you until the day I die. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. For 48 years I suffered until I met you. So many things I missed out on. So many places I didn't want to go to. Now I am peace."

"I am grateful to you. You helped me when I could not help myself. You protected my life force. You are like Superman--protecting the weak against the tough world... and helping them to be stronger. Thank you."

"I made a list of all the qualities I wanted as a doctor--real kindness; and I came here, and I knew I came to the right place. A lot of psychiatrists are not that nice. You are very nice."

"I am better now, seeing you as my doctor, than any other doctor I have ever had; because you are always really kind; and you really care about people."

"You are an amazing doctor,  you're committed."

"You always say something that is so nice to me, and I can hang on to it until the next session."

"You inspired me so much. I called my husband right away and let him know what you said. You were wonderful, really cared, and gave me so much advice and made me rethink how I do my work. You are a great doctor."


"I always get great stuff from you, Dr. Davidson. I am so lucky to be able to work with you."

"Things are really good for me. I turned a corner. My life is working out for me, and my business is good."

"Thank you for your advice. That was great advice!"

"I feel hopeful when I come to see you."


"You inspired me so much. I called my husband right away and let him know what you said. You were wonderful, really cared, and gave me so much advice, and made me rethink how I do my work. You are a great doctor."


"I always get great stuff from you, Dr. Davidson. I am so lucky to be able to work with you."

"Your advice was the smartest. It saved me, literally."

"My daughter felt really good after she spoke to you. She is looking forward to seeing you next week."

"You know better than Kaiser. Most people don't have 'a Dr. Davidson.' Most people are stuck with Kaiser. You know better than Kaiser."

"You make me focus and do something positive. Thank you."

"You are a great doctor, a champ! You follow through, and you are funny."

"Dr. Davidson, I've come a long way because of you. And by helping me, you are helping my friends. You changed me. I am a different person now. I got my head back. You made me think. I can stand up to the people who are harassing me. You have taught me not to be impulsive. You gave me the tools. I look at things now. I think about why I do things and why I don't do things."

"You are beyond my expectations. You have been extremely kind to me."

"I am getting along totally much better with my mom since I am coming here. I think about things more, now that I have you. My brother loves you. I am doing much better, much better, much better, since coming here."

"I felt the biggest weight off my shoulders after I left you. I was so relieved. You really pinpointed a lot of things for me. You give such a profound analysis, which is why you get to be paid to do what you do."

"I really feel you have helped me a great deal."

"I am very appreciative of you."

"You are the best deal in town!"

"Thank you for helping me with my patient. You did a heroic job."

"I have the best psychiatrist in Beverly Hills."


"You are so astute. I told my dad and 10 people already what you said. Every time I leave you, I feel progress. You allow me to see things through a fine lens."

"You are my favorite doctor. Everyone should have a doctor like you."

"Thank you. My friends are telling my husband how much better I am."

"My mother asked if there is a clone of you for my sister.  I love you so much."

"You are so positive, so helpful. You make it sound so easy."

"I am really grateful I have you. It's a miracle."

"Thank you. You did a great job with my son."

"I look forward to coming here."

"I don't know what I'd do without you."

"Thank you for putting a fire in my ass!"

"I like you. You give me a lot of information. You are a straightforward person. You are not a beat-around-the-bush psychiatrist."

"Talking to you always helps a lot."

"I like to see you, talk to you. You are artistic, intuitive and you helped my mother so much. My mother became very mellow; before she had a temper."

"You are really a great doctor. I was able to work through many things with you, which are making a great difference in my life. When I came to you, I wasn't strong. I have become very strong. You helped me face all my difficult situations."


"Because of my therapy with you, I have gone from someone who could only walk and jog all over the place, to someone who is capable of handling responsibilities all over the place!"


"I like you. You give me a lot of information. You are a straightforward person. You are not a beat-around-the-bush psychiatrist."


"Talking to you always helps a lot."


"Thank you for working with me. You have a lot of patience. There are not many people who can make a difference like you."


"You gave me back my life this year!"

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