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 Testimonials 2020



January 2, 2020--“You give great analogies that make me think.”

January 2, 2020--“You are more understanding than a lot of other therapists I had.”

January 2, 2020 “You are a very good doctor.”

January 3, 2020--“I want to tell you how much inspiration I had with you.  Your acknowledgment was massive.  You gave me a gallon of energy and passion, which meant so much for me.  It was fabulous.  Thank you.”

January 3, 2020--“Thank you for all your efforts for six months.  It’s been life-changing.”

January 3, 2020—"Thank you.  I got a lot out of our talk last night.  Thank you for being there for me.”

January 6, 2020—"My friend said you are a wonderful doctor, very insightful and empathetic and just a fine gentleman.  He said he had a wonderful session with you last week.  He said you are terrific.”

January 6, 2020—"Today’s session was very interesting.  I learned a lot.  I think it was a major breakthrough.”

January 7, 2020--“We appreciate your good work.”

January 8, 2020--“I find your insight and advice astounding.”

January 8, 2020--“If I had known you previously, I would have been better.”

January 8, 2010--“I feel better coming here, your environment.  I feel safe.”

January 8, 2020--“Thank you for seeing me.  It’s good to talk to you.”

January 9, 2020--“You are the first erudite physician whom I met who is compassionate and intelligent.”

January 10, 2020--“Thank you for your patience and helping me diffuse my anger.”

January 10, 2020--“I am very happy I found you.”

January 10, 2020--“I appreciate all you do for me.”

January 13, 2020--“After I talked to you, I felt so much better.”

January 13, 2020--“It was a very good session today.”

January 13, 2020--“What you tell me works.”

January 17, 2020--“I appreciate your assistance and your acknowledgment.”

January 17, 2020--“Thanks to you, you fixed my problem.  I could have never done it without you.”

January 17, 2020--“My husband enjoys talking to you.”

January 17, 2020--“I like you.  You are a good guy.”

January 17, 2020--“You have helped me immeasurably.”

January 20, 2020--“Thank you.  You are saving my life.”

January 20, 2020--“Thank you so much, Dr. Davidson.  I really appreciate all your help.”

January 21, 2020--“You are my favorite person.”

January 21, 2020--“I owe my getting better to you.”

January 21, 2020--“I thought you were brilliant last week.”

January 22, 2020--“I am very, very lucky to enter your doors.  You are very good at what you do.”

January 23, 2020--"The visit here with you helped a lot."

January 23, 2020--“My dermatologist said you are a very good doctor.”

January 23, 2020--“Thank you for all your invaluable help.”

January 23, 2020--“I like you.  You understand my personality structure.  And my doctor says very good things about you.”

January 27, 2020--“I want to thank you.  You really helped me a lot.”

January 27, 2020--“I thank you so much.  Seeing you is very worthwhile.”

January 27, 2020--“Thank you very much for your help.  I learned things from you and think you are a terrific man and doctor.”

January 28, 2020--“You’ve given me a lot of insight.  You’ve been my savior.  You have saved my life!”

January 28, 2020--“You are different from my other psychiatrists.  You deal with all of me, the whole person.  The others have just focused on the psychiatric problem.  I am very grateful to have you as my doctor.”

February 1, 2020--“I have a really good feeling about you.  You are very even in your personality and a very good listener and are respectful.”

February 1, 2020—"I recommended you to my friend’s son.

February 3, 2020--“Thank you so much.  This is the only place I feel I am semi-sane.”

February 3, 2020--“Getting over my depression is thanks to you.  You taught me a lot.  And you have helped me become my new, happy self.  It’s all thanks to you.”

February 3, 2020—"Thank you for your brilliant suggestion.”

February 5, 2020--“Thanks to you, I gave up 50 years of drinking!”

February 5, 2020--“I love talking to educated people like you.”

February 6, 2020—“My dermatologist speaks very highly of you.”

February 7, 2020—“Thank you for everything you do for me.”

February 6, 2020--“I am doing well physically and emotionally and continue to progress.  Thank you for getting me over the difficult part of my recovery.”

February 10, 2020--“What you told me is very powerful.  I keep it in the back of my head.”

February 10, 2020--“You have done so much for me.”

February 11, 2020--Thank you very much for everything.  Your advice is really helpful.  I appreciate it.”

February 11, 2020--“I have made a lot of progress since I have been dealing with you.  All the other doctors which I have been to did not help me.  And I stopped drinking because of you, even though all the other doctors told me not to, but I didn’t listen to them.”

February 12, 2020--“I attribute the improvement in my mood to our relationship.  You help me get a positive focus.”

February 13, 2020--"You have given me good doctor recommendations."

February 13, 2020--“I trust you a lot.”

February 14, 2020--“May the world love you, Dr. Davidson.”

February 14, 2020--“You are brilliant.  You have helped me where none of my previous six psychiatrists have.”

March 24, 2020--“You do a wonderful service for your patients.”

March 26, 2020—“I recommended you to my son.”

March 27, 2020--"Thank you for caring and being so responsive.”

March 30, 2020—"I love your strength.  It’s awesome.  I really needed that.  Thank you, doctor.  You are the best.”

March 30, 2020--“I tell people, ‘If you need a good psychiatrist, go see Dr. Davidson.’”

March 30, 2020—"You are the one person I rely on.”

March 30, 2020—“You are very grounding.”

March 31, 2020--“You’ve been amazing.  I am very grateful for your support.  I am very lucky to have you in my corner.  My wife and I look back at our experience with you and feel fortunate.”

April 4, 2020--“I feel better since I have been seeing you.”

April 6, 2020--“I feel really, really good, better than I have felt in many years.”

April 7, 2020--“Thank you very much for your help.  I really appreciate it.”

April 7, 2020—"I have come a long way with you.”

April 10, 2020--“Thank you for all the help you have given me and my family over the years.”

April 11, 2020--“I really like you and feel very comfortable with you.”

April 13, 2020--"My sister and I are really well since having therapy with you.  It really made a difference in our relationship as she became more sensitive to me, and I became less demanding.  I have more compassion for her and seeing more of my part in the problem."

April 14, 2020—"Thank you for saving my life again.  I feel now that I can get my problems to straighten out.”

April 14, 2020--“I had a lovely session with you today.  I can’t thank you enough.”

April 15, 2020--“You are a very good doctor.  I like you a lot.  I trust you.”

April 15, 2020--“Thank you for saving me from myself.”

April 16, 2020—"You are very smart, wise, very knowledgeable.”

April 16, 2020--“You have only spoken to me a few times, but you have done major things that have improved my life.”

April 24, 2020--“I am definitely a supporter of yours.  You are a good doctor.  You seem interested in me.  You ask me good questions. You have helped me a lot.  You are brilliant.”

April 24, 2020--“Thank you.  You figured out my problem.”

April 24, 2020--"You are so nice.  I like you."

April 25, 2020--“You are the best doctor I’ve had in 60 years.  No one has talked to me as well as you in all these years.”

April 25, 2020--“Thank you.  I always feel better after talking to you.”

May 4, 2020—"When I talk to you, I feel better.  I never thought I could open and talk to anyone about my feelings.  It’s very nice.”

May 5, 2020--“You got me feeling great.”

May 5, 2020—"What you did for my mother was wonderful.”

May 5, 2020--“You have not steered me wrong.”

May 7, 2020—"I look to you for sound advice.  I know I can talk to you like a friend.  It was amazing to me.”

May 11, 2020--“I realize a lot of things about myself by talking to you.  I am grateful I have you to talk to.”

May 11, 2020--"I like your sense of humor."

May 12, 2020--“You are the best doctor I have had in many years.”

May 12, 2020--“I am doing so well, thanks to you and your good care.”

May 14, 2020—Thank you.  You were brilliant today.”

May 18, 2020--“My wife and I talk about how much we owe you, how much you changed our lives.  What would we have done if we had not met you?  Before I met you, for years, I just wanted one good day in my life.  Now all my days are good.”

May 19, 2020—"I am pretty steady, thanks to you.”

May 19, 2020--“You are very good at characterizing my life to me, and helping me see it objectively.”

May 21, 2020—"You have been such a saving grace for my mother and getting her on a good routine.”

May 21, 2020—"I want to compliment you: I loved your image about how to cope with my stress.  I found it impactful and useful—great coaching!”

May 22, 2020—"I really appreciate you.  I can verbalize my feelings with you and can have you validate me.”

May 22, 2020--“It’s been wonderful. I appreciate your attentiveness. You are a good springboard. You are on my gratitude list.”

May 22, 2020—“Thank you for always being there for me!”

May 25, 2020--“You are a very good psychiatrist.”

May 26, 2020—“I am now the best I have ever been in my life.”

May 26, 2020--“I think what you tell me is right.”

May 26, 2020--“Thank you so much, doctor. You are amazing. You help me so much.”

May 26, 2020--“Thanks a lot for telling me that. It helps.”

May 27, 2020--“Thank you. Your advice is very smart, Dr. Davidson. You saved me.”

May 27, 2020—"You are one of the best psychiatrists I ever had. You have been an amazing doctor. Knowing I had you to call whenever I had a need or a concern, was very helpful. I know I am not the only one who has benefitted from seeing you. You are a really good doctor, really caring, and very much appreciated.”

May 27, 2020--"I understand my life for the first time, because of you. I am not mad anymore. Thank you."

May 27, 2020--"Thank you for assisting me in getting off Xanax."

May 27, 2020--"Thank you. My husband is a whole other person now."

May 28, 2020--"I am amazed by how much better I am. I am blown away. God bless you."

May 28, 2020--“My relationship with you is very positive. You have been very helpful to me. I respect you. You have been a great help to my mother and me. You understand me.”

May 28, 2020--“Our mutual patient expressed only the highest appreciation and respect for you.”

May 29, 2020--“My family problems don't hurt me anymore, as I now understand what you are saying.”

June 4, 2020—”You have been a great help, especially during those very difficult times."

June 5, 2020—“Thank you for everything you did for me. You helped me a lot.”

June 8, 2020--“I like talking to you. I feel comfortable.”

June 9, 2020--“Talking to you is helping me. I like you a lot.”

June 9, 2020--“Your coaching helped me get better."

June 9, 2020--“I am very grateful to you. You opened up a lot of things for me. I have never been able to talk to anyone before. Suddenly it was very wonderful to be able to open up with somebody who is not judgmental and so trustworthy.”

June 9, 2020—"I appreciate all your concern and help, getting to the heart of what’s wrong with me.”

June 10, 2020—"I enjoy talking to you. You are very smart and educated. Your knowledge of humanities is very impressive. You are insightful, funny, very patient, and a great conversationalist."

June 10, 2020—”Thank you so much for your very good advice.”

June 10, 2020--“Thank you for everything you are doing for my mother. I see her lightening up. You are helping to open her eyes, and she is avoiding a breakdown. Bless your heart. Thank you.”

June 10, 2020--"I feel better. Thank you so much for not making this impossible. Thank you."

June 11, 2020--"You are a very pleasant person. I changed a lot.”

June 12, 2929--“You are a very good doctor.”

June 15, 2015—"You are a very smart man. You are like 'The wise man in the village' who kept the world alive for thousands of years. You have helped me with things. All of your doctor recommendations have all been good. And your practical advice has been very useful."

June 15, 2020--"It's so interesting to hear what you say."

June 19, 2020--“It’s wonderful how you explain things. It’s wonderful, your psychology. Thank you for that. It is changing a lot of things for me. I have a direction to go to, and I have a direction on how to go forward. You explain to me how important things are. Thank you.”

June 25, 2020--”Thank you, Dr. Davidson. You gave me very good advice.”

June 25, 2020--"You have made a lot of good moves for me."

June 25, 2020—“My internist strongly recommends you.”

June 25, 2020—"Thank you, doctor, very much. I appreciate your input. It’s important to me.”

June 26, 2020--“Having you guide me through a difficult Xanax withdrawal made it all possible.”

June 29, 2020--“You are a very kind man.”

June 29, 2020--“Thank you so much. I so appreciate your help and your feedback.”

June 29, 2020--“I appreciate you are helping me.”

June 29, 2020--"I learned from you how to handle my very sensitive family."

June 30, 2020--“I am impressed with your conscientiousness.”

July 2, 2020--“I am very thankful that since talking with you I have way more control over my emotions.”

July 2, 2020--“Talking to you has helped me get through this catastrophe and avoid a total breakdown. You have made my life easier.”

July 2, 2020--“Thank you for all this great information.”

July 2, 2020--“You opened my eyes. I feel much better.”

July 6, 2020--"You gave me a lot of positive reinforcement. You are not afraid to give advice."

July 6, 2020--“You give me all the tools I need to succeed. What I am doing is a big payoff. You have done a marvelous job.”

July 7, 2020--“You are the nicest.”

July 7, 2020--“Thank you for all your helpful, insightful information.”

July 8, 2020--"I feel you just about saved my life. You are a miracle worker."

July 8, 2020--“Thank you for what you did. I read what you wrote. It was phenomenal. It was the most beautiful letter I ever read.”

July 8, 2020--“You were right all along about what is important in my business.”

July 9, 2020--“I appreciate you. You are very knowledgeable.”

July 10, 2020--“You are super smart and a great guy.”

July 12, 2020--“You are highly intelligent and make a lot of sense.”

July 13, 2020--“I so appreciate what you are doing for me.”

July 13, 2020--“Good job! You fixed me. I can’t remember the last time I felt this good in five to ten years. Thank you, Dr. Davidson.

July 12, 2020--“My son has come a long way with your help. We really appreciate it.”

July 14, 2020—"You have helped me so many times. Thank you for all the wonderful advice. My friends and I say you are our ‘heirloom.’”

July 14, 2020--“My psychologist said she really likes you as a psychiatrist.”

July 15, 2020--“Talking to you is very calming.”

July 15, 2020--"I'm very grateful you've been so helpful this past year."

July 15, 2020--“I am so grateful you are in my life.”

July 20, 2020--“I feel confident with you.”

July 21, 2020—"You were very helpful today.”

July 21, 2020—"Thank you for good advice and listening.”

July 23, 2020--“I am learning from you. Thank you.”

July 27, 2020—"I really appreciate your help. When I talk to you, it makes a difference in my life. I am grateful to have you in my life.”

July 28, 2020--“Thank you for helping me and getting me to where I am at.”

July 28, 2020--“What you said helped me.”

July 29, 2020--“Deep down, all my success is because of you.”

July 30, 2020--I really like talking to you. It calms me down.”

July 31, 2020--“What I like about you, is that you will always come up with something so challenging, I will chew on it for a long time.”


July 31, 2020--"You are a sounding board I can trust."

July 31, 2020--"You have helped me a lot to understand my life."

August 3, 2020--“Thank you for your helpful insights.”

August 4, 2020--“I think you are a great person, and you have helped me a lot. If anyone ever asks me for a referral, for sure, I would refer them to you.”

August 4, 2020--“Thank you so much. You’ve been a big help.”

August 5, 2020--“I really appreciate you. You are someone special. You took time out for me in the evening. It was really amazing.”

August 5, 2020--"You made me feel a little more comfortable."

August 6, 2020—“I am doing great because of you.”

August 7, 2020--"Thank you very much for your advice. You were right."

August 7, 2020--“I have learned a ton from you.”

August 11, 2020—"Your suggestions are helpful. Thank you.”

August 11, 2020--“I feel this session today was really great.”

August 11, 2020--“I think that you are one of the ablest people I know. You have an in-control disposition.”

August 17, 2020--“I love your voice.  It’s very comforting.”

August 17, 2020--“Thank you very much for all you do.”

August 18, 2020--“I love what you said last week.”

August 20, 2020--“Your support, knowledge, intelligence have been a great support to me. You have helped me tremendously.”

August 20, 2020--“You are right in so many ways.”

August 20, 2020--“I appreciate you being there for me. I have made so much progress since I began seeing you.”

August 21, 2020--“You are a good listener.”

August 21, 2020--“I appreciate your talk. It was very helpful.”

August 21, 2020--“Thank you. You saved me again.”

August 21, 2020--Thank you very much for your very good advice. You are honest.”

August 21, 2020--“You are a wonderful person. You are a good fit for what you do.”

August 24, 2020--“I look forward to our session.”

August 24, 2020--“It’s great the way you say things. It makes me feel positive and changes the way I view things.  I am excited to improve my life.”

August 26, 2020--“I appreciate you. Nobody has done what you have done to help me.”

August 28, 2020--"You are helping me.”

September 1, 2020--“You are always full of good ideas.”

September 2, 2020--“Thank you so much.  I know you have gone way beyond to help me.”

September 2, 2020--“After talking to you, I feel better.  I like your calm demeanor.”

September 2, 2020--“I feel better talking to you.  You still love what you are doing.  And I am really happy we are talking.”

September 3, 2020—"Thank you. I used your words to get my next job. My client was so happy with my improvement, and he offered to pay for my first session with you.”

September 4, 2020--“I really appreciate your advice.”

September 9, 2020--“I thank god that he sent you into my life. Not one doctor told me I was on the wrong dose. I am so much better, thanks to you.”

September 10, 2020--“You provide a light for me to grab onto to pull myself out of my abyss.”

September 10, 2020--“Thank you for talking to me.  I appreciate what you are doing.”

September 11, 2020--“I feel better because of your words.”

September 11, 2020--"You are the best thing that ever happened to me."

September 12, 2020--“Thank you so much for everything you do.”

September 20, 2020--"If it weren't for you, I would not be good like I am today."

September 21, 2020—"Thank you, Dr. Davidson. You helped me a lot."

September 21, 2020—"As usual, always good to talk to you. Thank you."

September 23, 2020--"You are a good listener."

September 24, 2020--"You are the only brightest thing in my life."

September 24, 2020--"You are helping me unlock all kinds of keys about myself."

September 25, 2020--"You are an amazing doctor!"

September 25, 2020--"Thank you for your patience, as always."

September 29, 2020—"Good job, Dr. Davidson. I am happy."

September 29, 2020--"Thank you so much. It's like you took the handcuffs off my wrist and legs, and now I have freedom. You make me feel so much better."

September 30, 2020--"It's been for years that I have struggled with severe depression. Nobody other than you has thought of what the solution is. It's a miracle, what you have done for me. I want to thank you. I have seen a lot of really great psychiatrists. I tried a lot of things, and nothing worked. None of them told me what you told me. Now I feel happy for the first time in years."

October 1, 2020--“You have been wonderful for me.”

October 5, 2020--"Thanks to you, you have been our support for a long time.  You are almost like a father to us.  I am blessed to find you.  My husband and I want to see you forever."

October 5, 3030--"My colleague said he saw a big difference in me since I began with you."

October 5, 2020--"You are a great help to me."

October 7, 2020--"You said it perfectly right, that I am an enabler to my boyfriend."

October 7, 2020—"I am glad you told me about myself.  I have a whole lot to think about now."

October 7, 2020--"You are one of the best psychiatrists I ever had.  You have been an amazing doctor.  Knowing I had you to call whenever I had a need or concern was great.  I know I am not the only one who has benefitted from seeing you.  You are a really good doctor, really caring, and very much appreciated." 

October 14, 2020--"Thanks for all the help with my life."

October 15, 2020--"My rheumatologist has great regard for you."

October 15, 2020--"You have helped improve our lives."

October 15, 2020—"I really learned a lot today.  Thank you."

October 15, 2020--"I appreciate all your effort to help me through my problems."

October 15, 2020—"I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the help you gave us."

October 19, 2020--"I love that you are my doctor, and thank you for caring for my sister."

October 20, 2020--"You have helped me."

October 22, 2020--"I like your interpretations, always.  I respect what you say, as you are always helpful."

October 22, 2020—"My miraculous improvement is all due to you recognizing something in me which others didn't see.  Thank you for caring about me."

October 23, 2020--"You are very good at calming my anxiety."

October 26, 2020--"You have helped me find the right doctor, and I will dismantle my problem."

October 31, 2020--"Thank you for helping me turn my life around.  I am so lucky I get to talk to you."

November 3, 2020—"You are very astute."

November 3, 2020—"I am glad I talked to you.  I feel better."

November 4, 2020--"Your last insight about me helped me tremendously.  I attribute my improvement to you."

November 4, 2020--"If I didn't have you, I'd be much worse off.  You are on my team."

November 4, 2020--"Knowing you and you've helped so much, it's greatly appreciated."

November 5, 2020--"You say profound things.  You change my life."

November 6, 2020--"You are a good doctor."

November 10, 2020--"Thank you so much for our session today.  I feel better."

November 12, 2020--"I appreciate your help. It was a pleasure working with you."

November 17, 2020--"I like meeting with you."

November 18, 2020--"I am glad I talked to you."

November 18, 2020—"I am so grateful to you."

November 18, 2020--"I appreciate your good cheerleading and support."

November 19, 2020--"Thank you for helping me. I am very, very grateful. I am very lucky."

November 19, 2020--"I have the deepest respect for you as a psychiatrist."


November 20, 2020—"Thank you for those two big thoughts. I didn't think anyone could help me with this."

November 21, 2020—"Thank you for all you do. You are a fantastic doctor!"

November 24, 2020--"You are a great help to me."

November 25, 2020--"I am glad I talked to you today."

November 27, 2020--"I am a past patient and a happy patient of yours.  I am now in graduate school. I love the school and curriculum. Thank you for saving me back then. Thank you so much for helping me. You were very supportive. You said I would be OK. I am so grateful to you. 

You made me feel good about myself, even when I did not feel good. I got down on myself, and you were positive to me. I don't know if I can ever give back to you. Emotionally, spiritually, and psychologically, you kept me alive. Thank you."

November 30, 2020—"I feel comfortable with you."

November 30, 2028--"You are a great listener."

November 30, 2020--"I trust you."

November 30, 2020--"You are so positive, which is what I appreciate about you.  Talking to you is very helpful. This time is very difficult."

December 1, 2020--"Thank you for all the time you have taken with us for the past four years."

December 2, 2020--"I really appreciate the hard work you do."

December 3, 2000--"The greatest thing you have helped me with is that I don't harbor anger anymore.  You were a great help.  You went all the way to the root of it."

December 3, 2020--"I am very glad that I have you in my life.  You have raised me up from everything bad that was going on with me.  You have been very helpful for a long time."

December 7, 2020--"Your recommendations have really helped me."

December 7, 2020--"I really appreciate everything you do for me.  I wouldn't be here if it weren't for you."

December 7, 2020--"I have heard wonderful things about you from my wife."

December 14, 2020--"My internist thinks highly of you."

December 14, 2020--"I get a lot of knowledge from you."

December 14, 2020--"Thank you and for everything. Thank you so much for working so hard to help me."

December 15, 2020--"I enjoy talking to you and learning your reactions to my life."

December 15, 2020--"I appreciate your help.  Thank you very much."

December 16, 2020--"You are my helper."

December 17, 2020--"You are a good doctor."

December 17, 2020--"Thanks to you, I have learned to deal with my feelings."

December 17, 2020--"I value your presence and your input."

December 17, 2020--"I appreciate that you are always there and answering my phone calls."

December 17, 2020-"You have been very accurate about me."

December 17, 2020--"I am so glad I talked to you."

December 18, 2020--"Thank you. Our session really helped me a lot."

December 28, 2020--"You are very encouraging. It's an uptick in my life every time I talk to you."

December 29, 2020--"I am going in the right direction because of you."

December 30, 2020--" You have done your magic in helping me."

December 30, 2020--"I am passing you around to all my friends, like an heirloom."

December 30, 2020--"You have given me a lot of good information and suggestions."

December 30, 2020--"It's undeniable how much you have helped me."

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