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Testimonials  - 2015

April 10, 2015--"I like your way of facilitating therapy.  It works with me."

April 10, 2015--You are a very smart man.  You are like 'The wise man in the village' who kept the world alive for thousands of years.  You have helped me with a lot of things.  All of your doctor recommendations have all been good.  And your practical advice has been very useful." 

April 13, 2015--"I was lost and had no faith when I first came to see you.  I am doing much better now.  I have come a long way in not too long a time.  I owe it all to you."


April 13, 2015--"My doctor recommended you to me.  He discussed your resume and said you were 'the best doctor in town.'"

April 17, 2015--"You are like a genius in psychiatry."


April 21, 2015--"I owe a lot to you."

April 23, 2015--"I have been at a standstill for years.  Thank you, Dr. Davidson.  I feel better than I have felt in years."


April 23, 2015--"Thank you for giving my sister a second chance."


April 24, 2015--"Thank you for all the wonderful advice."


April 27, 2015--"Our session was great.  I feel much better now compared to when I walked in."


April 29, 2015--"I am so fortunate to be able to come to you and talk about my problems."

April 29, 2015--"You are such a good doctor.  You are a 'life person!'"

April 29, 2015--"You gave me very good advice, and I am going to do it!  You have helped me so much."

April 30, 2015--"i am very grateful for everything you have done for me."

April 30, 2015--"I give your all the credit: I have made steady progress and am now fine."


May 4, 2015--"I appreciate so much you taking care of me.  You have been a miracle worker.  I don't know what I would have done without you."

May 4, 2015--"Thank you.  I feel great.  I feel the most productive I have felt in 10 years."


May 4, 2015--"I feel safe with you.  I think you care about me."


May 6, 2015--"I am learning a lot from you."

May 11, 2015--"My son has great trust in you.  It's the most important thing.  I called Cedars-Sinai, and they said 'Dr. Davidson is Number One.'  My son tells his sister, 'I have a good doctor!'"

May 11, 2015--"Dr. Davidson, I like the way you are talking to me.  We work well together.  Thank you for helping me."

"May 12, 2015--"I never forget your words to me, Dr. Davidson.  You are very informative.  Today's session was very good."

May 12, 2015--"Thanks again for your great contribution."

May 14, 2015--"Dr. Davidson.  I feel a strong connection to you.  Thank you for helping me."


May 18, 2015--"Thanks, Dr. Davidson.  Great talking to you!"

May 19, 2015--"I got a lot off my chest today."

May 20, 2015--"I have a lot to thank for the job you did with me.  If I hadn't had your guidance, I wouldn't be here today.  I have achieved a huge win."

May 20, 2015--"You are so smart.  You have a lot of wisdom in many things."

May 21, 2015--"You did a very nice thing for me in helping me.  I appreciate it.  You are a great doctor."

May 21, 2015--"I am doing amazing, thanks to you."

May 21, 2015--"Thank you Dr. Davidson.  This is the first time ever that my son is on the right track.  He has confidence now, thanks to you." 


May 21, 2015--"Talking with you has helped me tremendously.  It was the best thing I have ever done." 

May 22, 2015--"I am grateful for how you helped me get over a rough patch when we first started together, almost 10 years ago.  I may not have made it without your insightful diagnosis and treatment."

May 22, 2015--"Thank god I got you as my psychiatrist."

May 22, 2015--"My new psychiatric patient, whom you referred to me, tells me that you have been a life saver for him.  I hope I can fill your shoes."

May 26, 2015--"My self-confidence is going up, because of my talks with you.  I now see things in a completely different light."

May 26, 2015--"You've been a big help, encouraging me and helping me to get focused.  And I enjoy talking to you."

May 27, 2015--"You are very pleasant.  I like your personality."

May 27, 2015--"It's calming to talk to you.  Thank you for your help.  You've helped me make very good options.  I feel so much better.  You are like having a good friend."

May 27, 2015--"I am glad I talked to you.  Thank you.  I feel better."

May 27, 2015--"You give me good ideas."

June 1, 2015--"Since I have been seeing you, I feel a lot more up and not so low."

June 1, 2015--"My friend told me that she is very happy with your care."

June 1, 2015--"I don't know how to say thank you to you.  God bless you."

June 2, 2015--"My mother says you are a savior to her, a terrific doctor, and really saved her life."

June 2, 2015--"Dr. Davidson.  You are so helpful. Thank you."

June 3, 2015--"You have been very helpful."

June 3, 2015--"You are a fantastic psychiatrist.  You are so smart.  You always analyze my situation to a T.  You are very creative."

June 4, 2015--"I like you."


June 8, 2015--"We have a great relationship.  I can work with you and talk to you.  We can have a conversation.  I usually take away everything you say.  I always feel really good walking out of here."

June 8, 2015--"I place more trust in you than anyone else in my life, more than even UCLA.  You have helped me more than anyone else."

June 12, 2015--"I am glad my daughter found you.  You are a life saver for her.  I really think you saved her life."

June 12, 2015--"You correctly explained the puzzle of my illness, what my diagnosis is, and what the right medications are.  I have tried other doctors for over 30 years and they were not able to figure me out.  Thank you for helping me close this page."


June 15, 2015--"I have grown leaps, working with you.  Thank you.  You have given me a very keen sense of awareness."

June 16, 2015--"You are such a nice person.  I had very good luck; I found you."

June 22, 2015--"You really made me feel good.  You give me real food for thought.  Thank you"


June 22, 2015--"Dr. Davidson.  Thank you so much for your help.  Our son is no longer smoking pot, thank goodness.  His health continues to improve and he is off to the university.  We are sure now that his symptoms are gone.  Thanks again."

June 23, 2015--"Thank you.  I am no longer a beaten down man who believed his usefulness was over.  Now I am designing iphone apps.  You had a lot to do with it."

June 24, 2015--"You always know what to say to make me feel better."

June 24, 2015--"Thank you.  You are full of very inspiring and complimentary words."


June 24, 2015--"I am really happy I talk to you.  I feel better.  I feel hope.  Talking to you, I feel I can make the major changes I need to."

June 25, 2015--"You helped me."

June 25, 2015--"I told my cardiologist that my visits with you are very helpful."

June 26, 2015--"All my progress is thanks to you."


June 26, 2015--"Thank you very much.  My daughter is light years better since seeing you."

June 29, 2015--"You are so on point with me."


July 1, 2015--"I quit drinking because of you."

July 6, 2015--"Thank you for helping me.  I really appreciate it.  You've helped me so very much, not to mention what a new man my boyfriend is because of you."

July 6, 2015--"Dr. Davidson.  I trust you more than anyone else."

July 7, 2015--"I like you the way you are." 


July 7, 2015--"Thank you.  I appreciate you.  You have done well for me."

July 9, 2015--"I am impressed with you and your manner.  You are very warm and understanding."

July 10, 2015--Since I have been seeing you, I have been doing so much better.  You got me stable and my thoughts and me are more together.  I feel these sessions with you have a lot to do with my progress."

July 1, 2015--"I quit drinking because of you."

July 6, 2015--"Thank you for helping me.  I really appreciate it.  You've helped me so very much, not to mention what a new man my boyfriend is because of you."

July 6, 2015--"Dr. Davidson.  I trust you more than anyone else."

July 7, 2015--"I like you the way you are." 

July 9, 2015--"I am impressed with you and your manner.  You are very warm and understanding."


July 10, 2015--Since I have been seeing you, I have been doing so much better.  You got me stable and my thoughts and me are more together.  I feel these sessions with you have a lot to do with my progress."

July 13, 2015--"Thank you.  My son is so much better, better than I ever thought he could do.  He is patient and hard working now, and I am thrilled."

July 13, 2015--"I appreciate all you do for me."

July 13, 2015--"I've gotten a lot stronger since I started seeing you."

July 14, 2015--"I never thought about what you are saying about my self-esteem." 

July 14, 2015--"Thank you for all your advice.  I needed to hear it."


July 16, 2015--"I am very grateful to you."

July 16, 2015--"I am awed by your attention to detail.  I am happy I have a doctor who thinks as well as you.  You are better than my primary care physician--more effective.  You are stunning in your awareness and your ability to process my complicated situation."


July 16, 2015--"Coming to see you is the most important thing I do in my life."

July 17, 2015--"You are the best.  I am going to look up everything you told me."


July 17, 2015--"Ever since the therapy we all had together with you, it's been great for months and months.  We are getting rave reviews, and we all have been very happy and proud of our relationship."

July 21, 2015--"The last conversation I had with you, really gave me power.  It made me feel a lot better."

July 21, 2015--"I would be dead without you.  You make me feel not like a victim."

July 22, 2015--"I don't feel depressed when I am with you.  You are an interesting guy."

July 23, 2015--"You are a very good doctor.  Thank you.  You have helped me a lot."

July 23, 2015--"I trust your judgment."

July 28, 2015--"You are so smart."

July 28, 2015--"We have a lot of faith in you, Dr. Davidson.  We know he'll get better with you.  The other doctors were terrible."

July 29, 2015--"Thank you.  You saved my life again."

July 30, 2015--"You are brilliant."

July 30, 2015--"Thank you for being so patient with me."

July 30, 2015--"I feel really good how you have helped me."


July 31, 2015--"You are ingenious."

August 3, 2015--"Dr. Davidson.  My medications drove me nuts until I came to you and you fixed them."

August 4, 2015--"You give me a lot of encouragement.  You have been totally right about everything you said to me.  And you were totally right about my thyroid."


August 5, 2015--"Thank you for helping me."

August 5, 2015--You are terrific.  I am happy to meet you."

August 6, 2015--"Thank you for suggesting I get my lab tests.  It was really helpful."

August 12, 2015--"I have finally learned with you to look after myself."


August 12, 2015--"You taught me how to be stronger and be more assertive."

August 13, 2015--"You have some very good suggestions."


August 13, 2015--"Thank you.  I appreciate it.  You have been very kind to all of us."


August 14, 2015--"I feel happy since I have been coming to see you.  I like you."

August 17, 2015--"Whenever I walk out of this office I feel more hopeful and stronger.  This is very good process, coming here."

August 17, 2015--"I am a lot better since I have been seeing you."

August 18, 2015--"You give me hope."

August 25, 2015--"Thank you for talking to my husband about my letter to him.  When he told me you called it 'a love letter', it brought tears to my eyes."

August 25, 2015--You have helped me a lot.  I am stable for the first time in my life."

August 25, 2015--"Thank you.  Everything you suggested has worked."

August 26, 2015--"Thanks to you I am no longer self-destructive."


August 28, 2015--"I am glad I had this talk with you today."

August 28, 2015--"You are a very good doctor."

September 2, 2015--"I told my friend what a wonderful psychiatrist you are."


September 3, 2015--"Thank you for all the help you gave me to turn my life around.  I have turned my life around!"

September 3, 2015--"I trust you implicitly.  You are the only one who has come forward and helped me."


September 8, 2015--"I feel more relieved.  Thank you for listening.  You always do a great job.  I am very lucky to have found you."

September 8, 2015--"You have been a miracle worker.  I appreciate everything you are doing."

September 9, 2015--"You are very good.  I come out of here and feel hope and enthusiasm."


September 9, 2015--"Therapy is good.  Thank you, Dr. Davidson."


September 14, 2015--"My girlfriend thanks you for your help."


September 14, 2015--"You provide a very good service."


September 14, 2015--"I wouldn't have become successful if it weren't for you.  You pretty much saved my life.  I told my friend in medical school that he should become a psychiatrist just like you."


September 15, 2015--"Thank you for all you've done for me."


September 18, 2015--"You have helped me a lot by giving me a coping mechanism."

September 18, 2015--"Your analogies are very clear cut and understandable."

September 18, 2015--"You are a good doctor.  You pulled me out of something bad.  You knew what medicines to put me on right away."


September 18, 2015--"I have a learned a lot by listening to your expertise."

September 23, 2015--"Thank you for your compassion and understanding."

September 24, 2015--"You are a very good psychiatrist.  You transmit a superior level of intelligence that I use."

September 28, 2015--"You have stimulated my vocational interests."

September 29, 2015--"You taught me about narcissism."

September 29, 2015--"Thank you for your advice."

September 30, 2015--You are very perceptive."

October 1, 2015--"I like you.  You are a good doctor."

October 2, 2015--"Everything you said makes sense.  It all hit home."

October 2, 2015--"You make me think."

October 2, 2015--"My son is doing great with the medication you recommended for him."


October 2, 2015--"Thank you for all your help.  You've been wonderful."


October 5, 2015--"The best thing that happened to my daughter is she found you.  She adores you."

October 5, 2015--I think you are wonderful, really caring, actually picking up the phone, and really wanting to help and not just shoving pills down the patient's throat.  I thank you very much."


October 6, 2015--"You came highly recommended."

October 6, 2015--"I like you.  You are very helpful."

October 6, 2015--"I think that your opinion is the only opinion that makes sense of all my doctors."

October 8, 2015--"I am a great mom because I have been with you in therapy."


October 8, 2015--"You are a very fine human being."


October 9, 2015--"You are a sweet and wonderful psychiatrist."

October 13, 2015--"Thank you yet again."

October 14, 2015--"If I would just read about you in a catalog, I would say you are the psychiatrist from 'a match made in heaven.'  Thank you for being so good."

October 16, 2015--"You are very effective at looking at a medical dysfunction."

October 16, 2015--"Your psychotherapy helped me to recover from my medical illness.  You showed me possibilities and set me up to take advantage of all my treatments.  Thank you."

October 16, 2015--"Thank you, Dr. Davidson.  You are a wonder."

October 19, 2015--"You have a very empathetic and kind face.  It's a rare gift."

October 20, 2015--You are very brilliant.  You get things very fast.  You are very lucid."

October 21, 2015--"I have faith in you."

October 23, 2015--"You are simple in your brilliance.  You think of smart things I never thought of."

October 23, 2015--"I am grateful to you for pushing me to try things.  Good job!"

October 23, 2015--"You are a wonderful man."


October 30, 2015--"I am so much better due to your incredible therapy."

November 2, 2015--"Thank you so much, Dr. Davidson.  You are awesome.  I love you forever!"

November 2, 2015--"I did what you told me to do with my nephew, and it worked!"

November 2, 2015--"Thank you, Dr. Davidson.  I feel happy."

November 3, 2015--"Seeing you is a big part of keeping my life stable."

November 5, 2015--"You are a wonderful doctor.  My friend trusts and loves you."

November 6, 2015--"You are the only doctor in 20 years who took the time to look up my condition in a book."

November 6, 2015--"You are making my life better."

November 6, 2015--"I feel better after seeing you."

November 10, 2015--"You've been such a wonderful doctor.  I have been feeling very well lately."

November 13, 2015--"My physician mother said it's amazing what you told me about my mood, and that it makes so much sense."


November 16, 2015--"Dr. Davidson, My mother wants to give you a hug.  I am getting along way better with my brother, and now my mother trusts me.  Everything is moving in a positive direction.  I have completely calmed down, which is not my typical demeanor.  I used to not do anything.  Now I am doing many things.  I used to not be able to cook.  Now I cook.  My mother no longer wants to see me leave.  I feel everything is working like it's supposed to."

November 16, 2015--"Thank you immensely.  I am doing great.  Your recommendation worked.  I am looking forward to seeing you.  Thank you from the deepest place in my heart and soul."


November 17, 2015--"You are a good listener.  And you are a kind person."

November 23, 2015--"I feel so comfortable with you, you can't shut me up."

November 23, 2015--"Dr. Davidson: I don't get angry anymore."

November 24, 2015--"Thank you.  My main problems, which I came to see you for, are better."

November 24, 2015--"I like what you say."

December 4, 2015--"You are a brilliant doctor.  I feel I grow when I come out of here.  I have gotten a step ahead since coming here.  I feel great."

December 8, 2015--"You are one of the best values and deals I have ever had."

December 9, 2015--"My mom is doing a lot better.  Thank you very much."

December 9, 2015--"You are very perceptive.  You are brilliant as a psychiatrist and as a person."


December 15, 2015--"You always make significant comments."

December 15, 2015--"Why couldn't Scott Weiland find you before he killed himself from his bipolar?"

December 21, 2015--"Thank you very much.  Coming here gave me the reinforcement to get my brain back."

December 21, 2015--"I like talking to you.  You are so helpful."

December 21, 2015--"I am glad I came here.  Your analysis is very good."

December 21, 2015--"You are a very good doctor.  You helped me recover.  I told your other patient how good you are.  I would have never gotten through my problems without you.  You were my life raft."

December 22, 2015--"It's good to talk out my problem with you as I now am over my resistance, due to you."

December 22, 2015--"I would not have improved my situation without you."


December 23, 2015--"I really trust you.  My time with you has been really, really beneficial for me."


December 24, 2015--"I really enjoyed working with you."

January 5, 2016--"You have been a life saver for our mutual patient.  I hope I can fill your shoes."

January 5, 2016--"I come here to you, and you care.  I am making progress here."


January 8, 2016--"I want to thank you for being a part of my life that was a disaster.  It was a long time.  You were really did a great service for me.  I appreciate that.  I feel I am a better person for all that."

January 12, 2016--"Thank you for your help, as always."

January 13, 2016--"You are the wisest person I know."

January 14, 2016--"Thank you very much for helping me."

January 14, 2016--"You keep me sane.  You have a gift.  I always feel better when I leave here."

January 19, 2016--"Your explanation of the difference between empathy and sympathy is very effective.  I used it with some colleagues, and they said they understood empathy for the first time in their lives."

January 21, 2016--"Thanks to you I am finally talking about my war experiences.  I don't have the nightmares anymore."


January 22, 2016--"Thank you. You gave me excellent canny advice."  You give me help with my cruddy attitude."

January 22, 2016--"I understand my injuries better now.  It was good I came here for you to explain them to me."

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