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Testimonials - 2016

January 22, 2016--"I hear a lot of good things about you from your other patients."

January 22, 2016--"Thank you for changing my life."

January 25, 2016--"You have good ideas."

January 27, 2016--"Thank you for referring me to your rheumatologist.  She found cancer, and without your referral this would have been never found."

January 27, 2016--"Thank you for warning me about my ex-boyfriend.  You saved my life.  You have a lot of common sense."

January 27, 2016--"You inspire me."


January 27, 2016--"Thank you for all your insights."

January 28, 2016--"You mean a lot to me. You've been through thick and thin with me."

January 28, 2016--"You've been terrific.  I feel so much better."

January 28, 2016--"You are very reassuring."

January 28, 2016--"Thank god I have you to talk to and understand."


January 29, 2016--"Thank you for an absolutely wonderful session today."  

January 29, 2016--"Just wanted to say thank you for sending me to see Dr. F. The appointment went really well. He’s smart. We like him a lot.

February 3, 2016--'You always help me.  Thank you."

February 5, 2016--"I can't thank you enough for being so patient with me the past two years."

February 5, 2016--"The things you said helped me not think negatively."

February 10, 2016--"I have become much more open, more relaxed, and more friendly with people."

February 10, 2016--"You are a very wonderful psychiatrist.  I have become much more open, more relaxed, and more friendly with people.” 

February 11, 2016--"You are a good physician."

February 12, 2016--"You are so helpful.  You really are."


February 19, 2016--"You've done a really good job with me.  You deserve the credit.  The fact that I can survive now is enormous."


February 23, 2016--"My mother gave your letter to the doctors.  It was really good.  Thank you."

February 24, 2016--"Thank you so much for being in my life.  You are the best!" 

February 25, 2016--"I keep remembering your words of wisdom"

March 1, 2016--"You are the only psychiatrist who has ever been able to help me."


March 2, 2016--"My patient really respects your relationship with her."

March 3, 2016--"I don't blow my temper all over the  place anymore since I have started to see you."


March 22, 2016--"You are great at helping me."

March 23, 2016--"You are not only a very good psychiatrist, but you are also a very good person.  You quickly got to the core of my problem and made it better."

March 24, 2016--Thank you.  You made me feel a lot better."

March 24, 2016--"Thank you for your support."

March 25, 2016--"Thank you so much.  You have been a wonderful guide, very patient."

March 25, 2016--"You gave me my life back."

March 28, 2016--"I feel better and not so fearful after talking to you."


March 28, 2016--"I trust you.  You know what you are doing."

March 30, 2016--"Dr. Davidson.  You really know the human spirit."


April 1, 2016--"You're the best value I've had from any doctor, considering the value I am getting for my money."


April 1, 2016--"Thank you.  You gave me the proper balance of psychiatric drugs."

April 4, 2016--"I really liked out session last time. I felt really good, really empowered."

April 4, 2016--"I appreciate you.  You fixed me."

April 6, 2015--"You are a very smart man.  You are like 'The wise man in the village' who kept the world alive for thousands of years.  You have helped me with things.  All of your doctor recommendations have all been good.  And your practical advice has been very useful."


April 7, 2016--"Thank you so much for all this."

April 15, 2016--"Before I came to see you I was barely making it.  Now I am doing well."

April 15, 2016--"Thank you.  You saved me so many times."

April 16, 2016--"Thank you so much.  I really appreciate you."

May 2, 2016--"You are the best."

May 2, 2016--"You have a nice way about you.  I can talk to you.  You are very professional.  I like that."


May 2, 2016--"You are the best!"

May 3, 2016--"I took my son to psychiatrists all over the state, and they wanted to run out of the room he was so difficult.  I am grateful you don't mind the challenge with my son."

May 3, 2016--"Thank you so much for your time and your help."

May 3, 2016--"You explain things well."

May 4, 2016--"My successful business is all due to you."

May 5, 2016--"After seeing you for the first time, I felt more cheerful than I felt in a long time.  I finally felt hope."


May 5, 2016--"I am glad I came to see you, as I was of the opinion there was nothing I could do to change my problems."


May 6, 2016--"Thank you for very excellent help."


May 6, 2016--"You are very good support."


May 10, 2016--"My husband likes you very much."

May 10, 2016--"You are very smart.  You are also good at business counseling.  Your insights are dead on.  Thank you for your help, yet again."

May 10, 2016--"I really appreciate you."

May 11, 2016--"You are the right doctor for my friend."

May 13, 2016--"Thank you for your feedback.  It only helps."


May 15, 2016--"You are really helpful."

May 18, 2016--"You are always a particularly nice man.  You always give me a resolution to my problems, which is very helpful."

May 19, 2016--"You are very, very good at listening to people."

May 20, 2016--"You said some really good things.  Thank you."

May 23, 2016--"You are a very nice psychiatrist."

May 24, 2016--"You have really helped me a lot."


May 24, 2016--"You have been really patient with me.  I am really thankful to you." 

May 25, 2016--"Your office is inviting and warm."

May 26, 2016--"I feel better after I leave here."

May 27, 2016--"Thank for being kind, helping us, and giving us hope."


May 31, 2016--"I admire you, and I like your manner.  You are really smart.  I admire your firmness."

June 1, 2016--"You inspire me."


June 3, 2016--"You are a very good psychiatrist."

June 7, 2016--"When I first walked in here, I was a basket case.  Now I am really much better."


June 8, 2016--"I am so lucky I found you."

June 8, 2016--"I really appreciate all the time and thought you gave me.  It was a lucky break to find you, Dr. Davidson."

June 21, 2016--"This session has been amazing!  You are very helpful.  I feel the best I have a felt in days."

June 21, 2016--"This was very helpful.  Thank you.  It was a good session."


June 23, 2016--"It is very comforting coming to see you.  I like that you are 'high-tech' and that you can explain things to me.  It's very helpful."

June 23, 2016--"I like seeing you.  You are a nice man.  You make me feel good.  You have a nice way about you; plus you are smart.  I feel better, and I think it's because of you."

June 23, 2016--"I feel comfortable and safe with you."

June 30, 2016--"I think a lot of you because you made me feel better."

July 11, 2016--"I have come really far with you.  I am a new person now."

July 15, 2016--"I like what you helped me figure out."

July 18, 2016--"Thank you very much.  You are a big help."

July 28, 2016--"You helped me so much."

July 28, 2016--"You are a good doctor."


August 10, 2016--"I feel better because of your kindness and understanding."

August 10, 2016--"I am very thankful for you and the Lord."

August 11, 2016--"Thank you for being such a good doctor."


August 15, 2016--"You are always so nice to me."

August 15, 2016--"Thanks for your help, always."

August 19, 2016--"My doctor speaks very well of you."

August 22, 2016--"You are the best thing that has happened to me in my life."


August 24, 2016--"I wouldn't be well if you hadn't helped me when I came here.  I was a mess when I first came here.  I have learned through you how to cope with these things, head them off at the pass, and not let them be catastrophes."

August 25, 2016--"I wish I knew you earlier in my life."

August 25, 2016--"Everything you said to me makes perfect sense."

August 30, 2016--"You explained a lot of things that helped me understand what is going on."

August 30, 2016--"You have made me healthy for years."

September 6, 2016--"I am the best I have ever been.  You should have gold stars on your door."


September 7, 2016--"The therapy is working. Thank you."

September 7, 2016--"My son really likes you."

September 8, 2016--"You have made all the difference in my life."


September 12, 2016--"You help everyone who walks through this door."

September 13, 2016--"You are very thorough, and I like your approach.  I feel comfortable around you."


September 14, 2016--"I appreciate you getting me better.  I really appreciate your patience."

September 15, 2016--"I am so happy to be able to talk to you.  It's a great relief."

September 19, 2016--"You see the world in a way that is very useful and helpful to me and others."

September 21, 2016--"Thank you for all your help."

September 23, 2016--"You are a very nice person to deal with."

September 23, 2016--"I am glad l can share my inner feelings with you."

September 27, 2016--"I really like what you have done for our family."


September 27, 2016--"Thank you.  I appreciate you being my doctor."

September 28, 2016--"You are a very good help to me.  And you understood my wife."

September 28, 2016--"My best friend who sees you says you are the best."


September 30, 2016--"Coming here has been the best value of my life."

September 30, 2016--"Thank you for your insights."


September 30, 2016--"I am much better because of you.  My friends, all can see it.  I have had a lot of healing."

October 2, 2016--"Thank you for all your help and encouragement.  I am doing really well."

October 2, 2016--"Thanks so much for helping."


October 5, 2016--"I want to thank you especially for what you have done with me.  You have helped me a lot.  I am a lot better."


October 6, 2016--"You have helped so much.  You have improved my mental acuity.  I don't feel there is a brick wall in front of me, any more.  My girlfriend thinks you have been very, very good for me."

October 10, 2016--"You have been very helpful."

October 10, 2016--"You are a better physician than anyone I have seen in the past 10 years!"

October 14, 2016--"You are very proactive, which is what I like.  You come up with ideas and act on them.  My rheumatologist likes you very much."

October 14, 2016--"Thank you, Dr. Davidson.  Your name has come up many times in my husband's and my conversations.  It should make you feel very good."

October 17, 2016--"I am very impressed the way you keep notes."

October 17, 2016--"You've been wonderful."


October 17, 2016--"You are a very fine doctor."

October 19, 2016--"I trust, respect and admire you.  You are a real mensch.  You have been very nice to me."

October 19, 2016--"You are the fix-it person."

October 20, 2016--"You help me figure out my life."

October 20, 2016--"It took a psychiatrist like you to figure out my problems."

October 24, 2016--"I have a lot of faith in you."

October 24, 2016--"You are able to help people and save them from themselves, which is admirable.  You help people to live with themselves, which his much more difficult than open heart surgery.  In your field, you can't use a scalpel."

October 24, 2016--"I have so much respect for you."


October 24, 2016--"I am so happy I came to see you."

October 24, 2016--"I have heard wonderful things about you from so many of my husband's patients."


October 24, 2016--"Thank you, doctor.  This was great."

October 25, 2016--"My brother likes you very much."

October 25, 2016--"Thank you for your very wonderful advice."

October 25, 2016--"You gave me such great advice."

October 26, 2016--"After a while when my mother saw you, she stopped screaming and got very much better."


October 27, 2016--"You have saved my life and made it much easier."

October 27, 2016--"You have definitely helped us and given us guidance and insight.  It has opened up a lot of new ways of thinking."

October 28, 2016--"This has been an inspiring session."

November 1, 2016--"Thanks to you I feel very good.  I have a lot more self-confidence about what I am doing."

November 1, 2016--"You have been great.  Thank you."

November 1, 2016--"This is the best 45 minutes of my whole week."

November 2, 2016--"You are so perceptive and intuitive."

November 3, 2016--"I have a lot of faith in you."

November 3, 2016--"Thank you for being such a great doctor.  I am trying my best as you taught me.  I am forever grateful for you.  You saved my life and protected me when I was injured.  Thank you, Dr. Davidson."

November 4, 2016--"You are the best deal in medicine!" 

November 4, 2016--"You are the most attentive medical professional I have ever know."

November 4, 2016--"I am feeling a lot better."

November 11, 2016--"I enjoy talking to you.  I respect what you say.  I feel comfortable talking to you.  You have helped me so much, already."

November 11, 2016--"This has been a very productive meeting."

November 15, 2016--"Thank you for your patience."

November 15, 2016--"You are a very patient man."

November 15, 2016--"Thanks to you I feel fine."

November 17, 2016--"You are a great person to talk to."

November 17, 2016--"You have been a great help."

November 22, 2016--"I am doing much better, thanks to you."

November 22, 2016--"My son is very impressed with you and your knowledge of medicine and side effects."


November 29, 2016--"You are helping me be OK."

November 30, 2016--"I am thankful for you helping me."

December 1, 2016--"Thank you, Dr. Davidson.  I appreciate it.  Thank you for helping me."

December 5, 2016—“You gave me a very good insight about why I am impatient with people."

December 6, 2016--"Thanks to you I am doing well."

December 6, 2016--"I am very happy to be a patient of yours.  You are very good at what you do."

December 7, 2016--"I told my friend that you are a wonderful doctor."

December 13, 2016--"Thanks to you, I am doing a lot better, compared to a half year ago when I was confused.  Now I am clear.  I am pretty good now.  I am more at ease and no longer worried.  You got me straight  You deserve it!"


December 15, 2016--"You make very good suggestions."

December 23, 2016--The reason I am doing really well is you.  You really got me back on track."

December 23, 2016--"Thank you for helping us and being behind us all these years.  You are so precious to me and my family.  God bless you."


December 23, 2016--"Dr. Davidson.  I appreciate everything you did for me.  Thank you."

December 27, 2016--"If my best friend hadn't directed me into your direction, I would have ended up very damaged."


December 27, 2016--"You pulled me out of a hole I couldn't get out of myself.  You were not judgmental or critical, unlike everyone else. You were understanding, which was a turning point for me.  My eyes were open.  Instead of being beaten up all the time, I was understood.  And you helped me with my family.  I am very grateful to you.  Without my therapy, I don't know where I would be."

December 28, 2016--"My son is in a much better place and has made good progress in his life.  He is much improved and things have been going pretty well.  I am impressed with him showing more motivation and progress  Thanks for all you have done for us."

December 28, 2016--"I am very thankful for you for the work you have done with me as I no longer have anxiety or high blood pressure.  Thank you very much."

December 28, 2016--"Thank you for the help you gave me this year."

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