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Testimonials - 2019


January 3, 2019--“I highly recommend you.”

January 4, 2019--“You are a wonderful person.”

January 7, 2019--“Thank you for your kindness.”

January 8, 2019--“I am blessed to have you as my psychiatrist.”

January 10, 2014--“I appreciate your wisdom.”

January 11, 2019--“My internist loves you.”

January 11, 2019—"It’s good to get very good referrals to other doctors from you.”

January 14, 2019--“You are the best doctor I have.”

January 14, 2019--“My friend recommended you as she had a very positive experience with you.”

January 15, 2019--“You are easy to talk to.”

January 15, 2009--"I am blessed to have you as a psychiatrist."

January 16, 2019--“You are a brilliant person in many, many ways.”

January 23, 2019--“You have been a huge help.  I feel secure with you.”

January 24, 2019--“I want to really thank you very much for today.”

January 26, 2019--“Thank you for all you have done for me.  It’s most appreciated.”

January 28, 2019--“Thank you for your services.  You are doing a great job.”

January 29, 2019--"Thank you for today.  You are my gift.”

January 30, 2019--“Thank you.  You have helped me a lot.’

January 30, 2019--“You make me feel better.  I am happy to have you in my life.”

January 30, 2019--“You always make me feel joyous.”

January 31, 2019--“You have always been here.  You are reliable.  You have all these good qualities.  You are very smart.  You remember everything.”

January 31, 2019--“I am surviving, thanks to you.”

January 31, 2019--“You are my favorite doctor.”

January 31, 2019--“Thank you. I am holding my own because of you.”

February 4, 2019--“You helped me a lot.”

February 6, 2019--“You have a brilliant brain.”

February 6, 2019--“You are the best.”

February 6, 2019--“I get the best referrals from you.”

February 6, 2019--“You take the time to listen.”

February 6, 2019--“You are a lot smarter than the other doctors I have seen.”

February 7, 2019--“Thank you for your advice.  I appreciate it.”

February 7, 2019--“I am so glad I have you in my life.”

February 7, 2019--“I feel a whole lot better after seeing you.”

February 7, 2019--“I liked everything about you when I first met you.”

February 8, 2019--“You helped me so much.”

February 8, 2019--“I appreciate your wisdom and help.”

February 11, 2019--“Your secretary gave you a rave review to me.”

February 12, 2019--“You are doing a great job.’

February 12, 2019--“I like talking to you.”

February 13, 2019--“My brother no longer has fits since he has begun to see you.  Thank you very much for helping him.”

February 13, 2019--“You are so beautiful.”

February 14, 2019--“Thank-you.  You make me feel better.”

February 14, 2019--“You helped me a lot, and I appreciate it.”

February 14, 2019--“You have taught me how to work with my feelings and properly apply them.  I looked up your website and I was so impressed with your background.  You have been really helping me.  It’s been great.  I have had other therapists, but you are the best one I have met.”

February 15, 2019--“Thank you for your help.  I would not have been able to tough it out without your help.”

February 15, 2019--“You did a very good job of guiding me.”

February 15, 2019--“I am very grateful to you.  You have really helped me a lot.”

February 18, 2019--“You nail it every time with me.”

February 18, 2019--“You helped me handle tremendous stress with my recovery from post-traumatic stress.”

February 18, 2019--“Thank you for sharing the video about Parkinson’s patients using an exercycle.”

February 19, 2014--“You are very good.”

February 19, 2019--“Thank you very much.  You prescribed drugs that worked.  I am thankful you stepped into the VA, Cedars Sinai, and several neurologists who had no time to see me.  You counseled me, helped me, and worked with me and my medication.  Thank you for helping me with my hysteria.  You are smart, brilliant.  You did as good as any neurologist for me.  All your referrals have been great.”

February 19, 2019--“My father and mother are working out really well.  Thank you for your understanding and patience.”

February 20, 2019--“You freed me up to be able to do my artist work.”

February 21, 2019--“Thank you for the session today.  It was really helpful.”

February 21, 2019--You helped me cope all these years.  You make sense.”

February 21, 2019--“I talk about my past only to you.”

February 21, 2019--“Thank you so much.  I appreciate it.”

February 21, 2019--“I like you.  You are really good.  You are very frank.  You know medical things.  You have done a lot for me.”

February 22, 2019--“I like talking to you.”

February 22, 2019--“You have taught me a lot.”

February 23, 2019--“You changed my life around.”

February 23, 2019--“You are my guardian angel.”

February 25, 2019--“Thank you for your help.  You did better than any other doctor I consulted, including my neurologist.”

February 25, 2019--“Thank you so much.”

February 25, 2019--“you always put your finger on my problems.”

February 25, 2019--“I am grateful to you.  You are the only doctor I have ever been to who explained the risks of the various medications.”

February 26, 2019--“You are my favorite doctor.  You make me feel so good about myself.  You are such a nice person.”

February 26, 2019--“You are very honest and objective.”

February 27, 2019--“I have the coolest psychiatrist in LA.”

March 1, 2019--“Thank you for your care.  You are the only doctor who helped me with my problems.”

March 4, 2019--“I like you.”

March 5, 2019--“Thank you so much for your help and for all of your good counseling during my time as your patient.  Grateful for that.”

March 5, 2019--“You are nice.”

March 5, 2019--“You are the greatest.”

March 6, 2019--“Everything you said last week is coming true.”

March 11, 2019--“Thank you very much.  I appreciate it that you are always here for me.”

March 11, 2019--“My internist talks very nicely of you.”

March 12, 2019--“I recommended you to my niece to see you.”

March 14, 2019--“You inspired my latest invention.”

March 14, 2019--“I am a better person for seeing you.”

March 14, 2019--“I like this office.”

March 14, 2019--After seeing you, for the first time I have hope.”

March 14, 2019--“It’s wonderful to have someone like you validate me.”

March 14, 2019—"I like your straightforward and caring self.”

March 15, 2019--“Thank you so much.”

March 15, 2019--“You have such a friendly greeting.  You are a friendly guy.”

March 15, 2019--“You really helped me.”

March 15, 2019--“Thank you for helping me.”

March 15, 2019--“Thank you for helping me get off all my antidepressants.”

March 18, 2019--“I have a hard time talking to a lot of people.  I find it very easy to talk to you.  I like that you don’t judge me.”

March 19, 2019--“I always look forward to seeing you.”

March 21, 2019--“I am making good progress, thanks to you.”

March 21, 2019--“Thank you for helping me.”

March 21, 2019--“I feel a lot better than when I did when I first came.”

March 21, 2019—"Thanks to you taking care of me and working through a lot of my issues, things are a lot better.”

March 21, 2019--“Thanks to you, I took the medication for my chronic cough that you recommended, and I am all better.  Your recommendation worked when even my lung doctor couldn’t help me.”

March 21, 2019--“You really kicked my butt to go for art classes, and it’s working.  I am going to pursue it.  It helps my mental state tremendously.  I really appreciate it.”

March 21, 20189--“I owe you a lot of things.  Every time I come out of her, I feel so much better, and I am so grateful to you.”

March 21, 2019--“You are right on my shoulder with your good judgment.  Thank you.”

March 21, 2019--“Thank you.  It’s always enlightening.”

March 23, 2019--“Thank you, Dr. Davidson.  I am enjoying myself so much right now.  Over the years, you have given me some incredible advice which has improved my life in so many ways.  What you told me was so great.  It was so compassionate and encouraged me to stay open to all possibilities.”

March 24, 2019--“Thank you for making me so smart.  You make my day.”

March 25, 2019--"You are really helping me.  I find myself able to talk myself out of things."

March 25, 2019--" "Coming to therapy has helped me a lot."

March 26, 2009--“You are the best mental health person I have ever seen.”

March 27, 2019--“I recommended you to my niece.  I told her she would like you.”

March 27, 2019--"After my other doctors who didn’t help me, I finally got to you.  With you is where I belong.”

March 28, 2019--“I am blessed.  I have you.”

March 28, 2019--“I owe you big time.  I am going to have to clone you, you are so helpful.”

March 28. 2019--“I have gotten a lot out of our talks.”

March 29, 2019--“Dr. Davidson, you have done it again.  I have to really give you praise.  Thank you for the excellent referrals you give me.  The doctor said I don’t have glaucoma but a small cataract.  My other doctors were wrong all these years.  I really appreciate you.  I can’t wait to see you again.”

March 29, 2019--“Thank You.  You always help me.  It’s amazing.  I came in disenchanted, and now I feel better and much enlightened.”

March 29, 2019--“I really appreciate how thorough you are.”

April 1, 2019--“I am so glad I am in the right place, seeing you.  You are so nice and organized.  Now I feel so hopeful.”

April 1, 2019--“I am tickled pink when I come here.”

April 1, 2019--“You are so aware of so many things.  It’s amazing.”

April 2, 2019--“My seeing you has been very productive.”

April 2, 2019--“Thank you for your help yesterday.  I feel a lot lighter and not as anxious.  It’s a move in the right direction.  I definitely feel better.”

April 2, 2019—"You are the best doctor I know.”

April 3, 2019--“You have very good ideas.”

April 3, 2019--“You helped me a lot.  I am handling a lot.  I wouldn’t be able to handle it if I didn’t have you.”

April 8, 2019--“You are a very bright man.”

April 9, 2019--“Thank you for your help."

April 10, 2019--“I have come a long way to forgive my mother and father with your help.”

April 11, 2019--“Every doctor you recommended has been gold.  If you recommend a doctor, I am going to them.”

April 11, 2019--“You helped me a lot by listening to what I say and contributing your own thoughts.  I like what you tell me.  I am very grateful.”

April 11, 2019--“Thank you, Dr. Davidson, for sending my mother to Dr. X.  You saved her life.  She had three big polyps which her previous doctor missed.  He is such a good doctor and has such a nice way about him.”

April 11, 2019--“I was really looking forward to coming here, as I needed some guidance.”

April 12, 2019--“I did what you told me to do.  It’s really working.  I am so happy you pushed me in the right direction.  I am very grateful to you, as I didn’t see a lot of things you helped me with.”

April 12, 2019--“I love talking to you.  You have really helped me a lot.  And You never got boring.”

April 15, 2019--“I think you are great.”

April 17, 2019--“You are a smart person.”

April 17, 2019--“Can you imagine how many people can’t get help from someone like you and they drop out of life?”

April 17, 2019--“Thank you very much.  It was very helpful.  You are good at what you do.  You make me feel better.”

April 17, 2019--“You made a very useful suggestion for my husband which I appreciated.”

April 17, 2019--“Coming here, I am progressing and getting better.”

April 19, 2019--“I have made good progress, thanks to you.  Thank you.  You are brilliant.”

April 19, 2019--"Thanks to you, I am feeling more at peace and no longer blaming myself for everything that happened to me in the past.  I am really grateful to you.  You help me see life in a different view.”

April 22, 2019--“Thanks for being in the world.  You have made my life fuller!”

April 24, 2019--“You taught me how to grieve and to accept things.”

April 24, 2019--“My mother and I appreciate that you have helped me so much.”

April 25, 2019--“I am so grateful to you for figuring out my problem.  You made a difference in my life, and I really appreciate it.”

April 25, 2019—“Thank you for all of your support in my family.”

April 30, 2019--“I am so glad I came to talk to you.  Thank you.”

April 30, 2019--“You have helped me.”

April 30, 2019--“You are a delightful man.  I like you a lot.”

May 1, 2019—"Talking to you helps me to think about what I really need to feel better about my condition, and to analyze it. and to understand what I can do to improve the things that are my biggest problems, physically and everything.  Coming here forces me to look at my life, how I can improve it.  It is very helpful to talk to you, as you are well trained and very professional.”

May 1, 2019—"Thank you for helping me re-frame things.”

May 1, 2019—"Thank you for today.  I enjoy talking to you.”

May 2, 2019--“Since I have been seeing you, I am no longer obsessed with my problems.”

May 3, 2019—"Being able to come to you and talk it out, I have been able to change the negative part of me for the better.”

May 8, 2019--“It’s a good thing I have a good psychiatrist to point me in the right direction.”

May 8, 2019--“You are the best.”

May 8, 2019--“You should lecture.  You know a lot of things that people don’t know.  I like you.”

May 8, 2019--“Thank you.  You are great.  I appreciate it.”

May 9, 2019--“You are the kindest psychiatrist I have ever seen.  You give feedback.  You are very helpful.”

May 10, 2019--“Thank you so much for everything you do for me.  I really appreciate it.”

May 10, 2019--“Thank you for referring me to a wonderful rheumatologist.”

May 15, 2019--“You are so nice and honest.”

May 15, 2019--"I felt better after our last session.  You listened to me well.”

May 15, 2019--“Thank you for your patience.  I really appreciate it.”

May 17, 2019—"I thank you a million times for helping me get better medical care.”

May 17, 2019--“Thank you for a good meeting.”

May 20, 2019--“I am really grateful to this process I am going through, as you understand me.”

May 20, 2019--“Thank you very much.  I am very grateful for being able to see you and know I can be treated and can become more functioning and move on.”

May 20, 2019--“You look so calm.  I like talking to you.  It’s very important to me to come here and talk to you.”

May 21, 2019--“I feel you are the only one I can really talk to.”

May 22, 2109--“You tell me things and give me feedback which is all very positive for me.”

May 22, 2019--“You say important things to me.”

May 22, 2019-- I sincerely appreciate the time spent during our appointment yesterday.  I learned so much from our conversations.”

May 22, 2019--“I have learned so much from you, Dr. Davidson.  You taught me to be sympathetic, supportive, and helpful to my children.”

May 22, 2019—"Today was an amazing day for me.  For the first time in my life, my mood was so consistent throughout the day.  Basically, things are great.  Thank you for helping me, Dr. Davidson”. 

May 23, 2019--“My cardiologist likes you.”

May 23, 2019--“Thank you for helping me.”

May 23, 2019—"My internist said you are the best psychiatrist to help me.”

May 24, 2019--“You are my hero.  Thank you so much for responding to me right away.”

May 25, 2019--“I am so glad that you are my doctor.  I feel you are taking care of me in so many ways.  You care and look at the big picture.  You are eclectic in your approach.  I have gone to other psychiatrists, and it’s a meat market--15 minutes and ‘take this’.” 

May 28, 2019--“You are an angel for putting up with me.”

May 28, 2019--"My caretaker said she thinks you are a nice doctor.”

Ma 29, 2019—"Thank you, Dr. Davidson.  You helped me stand up to my negative thoughts.  I appreciate that.”

May 29, 2019--“I am lucky.  You are trained and have the capacity to help people.”

May 29, 2019--“My chiropractor said I am very lucky to have you in my corner.”

May 30, 2019--“You are a life savior.”

May 30, 2019--“You are a good psychiatrist.”

May 30, 2019--“I see hope now that my brother is coming to see you.”

May 30, 2019--“Thank you for listening to my rants.  It’s painful.  Thank you for helping me.”

May 31, 2019--“I feel comfortable around you.”

June 3, 2019--“Thank you for all that you have done for me all these years.  I feel it from the bottom of my heart.”

June 3, 2019--“With your guidance and help, I have come a long way.”

June 3, 2019--"Thank you.  I am happy that I am getting better.  I am happy now for a change."

June 4, 2019--“I am very happy to see you.”

June 4, 2019--“I am very grateful to be able to see you.”

June 5, 2019--“My medical doctor’s office told me you are the nicest doctor.”

June 6, 2019--“You helped me.  We have a good plan.  I feel better.”

June 7, 20199--“You are brilliant.”

June 7, 2019--“What you said was very clear, and I need to take it to heart.”

June 7, 2019--“My daughter said she likes you.”

June 7, 2019—"My energy is so much better.  For the first time in my life, I feel totally good.  I had a beautiful conversation with my daughter.  It’s amazing how productive I am.  I feel encouraged that I will be okay.  I am happy.  I am so grateful Dr. Davidson.” 

June 7, 2019--“I wanted to call you and tell you I am feeling much better.  Thank you for all your hard work.”

June 10, 2019--“Thank you so much.  You don’t know how much I appreciate coming here.”

June 10, 2019--“Thank you for all the help you have done for me.”

June 10, 2019--"I feel you love your job.  You pay attention to me and my daughter and take notes.  It's a very good feeling.”

June 10, 2019--“You are such a positive influence in my life.”

June 11, 2019--“Thank you for your patience.”

June 11, 2019--“My life is transformed utterly and completely.  I am a completely new person.  It’s a miracle.  You are a miracle.  I have such clarity.  I am able to function.  It’s a beautiful thing.  Thank you, Dr. Davidson.  You are a master!  Thanks so much.”

June 13, 2019--“Thank you for everything.  I really appreciate you.”

June 14, 2019--“You are the only doctor I can tolerate seeing.”

June 14, 2019--“When I see you, I have hope.”

June 17, 2019--You have helped me so much.”

June 17, 2019--"I like the connection with you.  You try to help me, and I appreciate that."

June 18, 2019--“You keep me grounded.” 

June 18., 2019--“Because of you, my mind is so much better, so much more positive.”

June 18, 2019--“I am blessed to have you to talk to.”

June 18, 2019--“Thanks, Dr. Davidson.  You are such a good listener.”

June 20, 2019--“This is the best place for me to be.”

June 20, 2019--“I am glad to have seen you, Dr. Davidson.”

June 20, 2019--“I am doing better.  Thank you.”

June 24, 2019--“You are a big help to me.”

June 25, 2019—"You are doing a great job with the woman I take care of.  You are doing a miracle.”

June 25, 2019--“You are a wonderful doctor.  I always like seeing you.  I feel I can call you if I want.”


June 26, 2019--“We really appreciate you and think you're wonderful."

June 27, 2019--“My elderly mother likes coming to see you.”

June 27, 2019--“My doctor highly recommended you.”

June 27, 2019--“What you said to me makes sense to me.”

June 27, 2019--"Your figuring me out helped shine a light on a lot of things on me.”

June 27, 2019--“You are a beautiful human being. 

June 27, 2019--"It's amazing how much better I feel since I first came here."

June 27, 2019--“You’ve helped me more than my medical doctors.”

June 28, 2019--“You are a genius.”

July 1, 2019--“I am calmer after I have been seeing you and you treating me.”

July 2, 2019--“Our sessions are eye-opening for me.”

July 3, 2019—"Last time you helped me a lot.  All the other doctors said my problem is hopeless.  You didn’t.  Thank you so much.  You helped me so much.  You have such a calming influence on me.  I never before believed in therapy.”

July 8, 2019--“I’ve come a long way because of you.  You are amazing.”

July 8, 2019--“I am grateful I found the right psychiatrist in you.”

July 8, 2019--“I see how professional you are and that you know what you are doing.”

July 8, 2019—"Thank you for talking to me.  I feel better.  You put things in perspective.  You were amazing.  You talked some sense into me.  You did your good deed for the day.”

July 10, 2019--“I am grateful for you.  Thank you, Dr. Davidson.”

July 11, 2019--“You know, you really helped me out in my life, very seriously.”

July 11, 2019--“You are the best doctor I’ve had.”

July 11, 2019—"You made me realize there is nothing wrong with me.  I enjoy our sessions.  You help me learn more about myself.  I never thought I would be sitting in counseling, yet here I am and happy to do it.  You make me think of things I have never thought of.”

July 12, 2015--"Our last session explained a lot, my behavior.  It made a lot of sense.  It's not a life sentence or blame.  It's a matter of balancing things.  It helped me be easier on myself.  My husband feels better too."

July 15, 2019--"My neurologist spoke very highly of you.  He says you are one of the best.  And we believe him.”

July 15, 2015--“I am very grateful that we have accomplished so much so quickly.”

July 15, 2019--“I respect you, and that’s why I come here.”

July 16, 2019--“I referred you to my friend.  I told him you are the best.”

July 17, 2019--“You are a very nice person.  You have never said or done anything to the contrary.

July 22, 2019--You helped me with my 10-year program.”

July 22, 2019--“Because of your strict standards, my son’s diabetes and cholesterol levels have improved for the first time in years.”

July 22, 2019--“I am getting a lot done, thanks to you.”

July 22, 2019--“My internist likes you a lot.”

July 23, 2019--“Thank you.  After I saw you, the next day I was just fine.”

July 23, 2019--“Thank you for helping me keep my options open.”

July 23, 2019--Thank you for helping me get an appointment for a job.”

July 23, 2019--“I am sure all the people who see you have come a long way with your help.”

July 23, 2019--"I share things with you, which I can't talk to with anybody else."

July 23, 2019--“As a sponsor in AA, I used a lot of things that I learned from you.”

July 23, 2019--“You are so positive, which is why I like coming here.”

July 24, 2019--“You helped me a lot.  You taught me how to reverse my depression.”

July 25, 2019—"Whenever I talk to you, I always go home feeling better.”

July 25, 2019—“Thank you.  You went the extra mile for me.  You always championed me.”

July 26, 2019--"Thank you, Dr. Davidson.  I appreciate it very much.”

July 26, 2019--“Thanks for all you have done for me.”

July 29, 2019--“Getting to see you, helps.  I would never miss an appointment.”

July 29, 2019--“Thank you for our session today.  It was great!”

July 30, 2019--“You were right, warning me about my friend.  Thank you, Doctor, as usual.  I wish I had come to see you and sought your help, earlier.  I am feeling more solid, now.”

July 30, 2019--“I can’t talk to anybody like I can talk to you.”

July 30, 2019--“Of all the many psychiatrists I have had, you are the best.”

July 31, 2019--“Thank you for giving me such a helpful idea.”

July 31, 2019—"I am doing everything you told me to do, and I have a different view of things because my attitude has changed.”

July 31, 2019--“I feel better.  You helped me a lot.”

August 2, 2019--“You are the only doctor who has tried to help me.”

August 2, 2019--“I am glad for what you said, so succinctly and intelligently.”

August 2, 2019--“Thank you for your help, being here and listening.  It goes a long way.”

August 5, 2019-- "You are absolutely a phenomenal doctor.  I am comfortable with you.  You are very easy to talk to.  There are many professionals whom I could not open up to."

August 6, 2019--"What you say is penetrating my head.  I am feeling better.  I am making progress.  Thank you so much.”

August 6, 2019--"You say profound things to me.  You always make sense, Dr. Davidson.”

August 7, 2019--“It gives me so much faith with you changing my meds, as I can trust you to slowly do them properly, so I am not the least bit nervous in adjusting them.”

August 7, 2019—“You are a very nice doctor.”

August 5, 2019--"You are absolutely a phenomenal doctor.  I am comfortable with you.  You are very easy to talk to.  There are many professionals whom I could not open up to."

August 7, 2019—"Thanks for being in the world!  You have made my life fuller!”

August 7, 2019--“Thank you for your support and everything you’ve done in many, many ways for me and my mom.”

August 8, 2019--“I enjoy our talks.  You are very encouraging.”

August 8, 2019--“Thank you very much.  You have been a big help.”

August 8, 2019--“Thank you for doing good work with me.”

August 8, 2019--“You are a fine man.”

August 9, 2019--“I feel much better about my life after listening to you.  I really appreciate what you say.”

August 12, 2019--“You are the most beautiful thing in my life today.  I really needed it.  You are very deep.  Thank you.”

August 13, 2019--“I feel a lot better, knowing I am coming here.  You are a very good therapist.”

August 14, 2019—"Thank you.  Good session!”

August 15, 2019--“My very difficult daughter speaks very highly of you.”

August 16, 2019--“After meeting you, I feel there is hope.  Thank you.”

August 20, 2019—"It’s been a very good thing coming here.  I am getting better, thanks to you.”

August 20, 2019--“I really appreciate you being here as my doctor.  You are very easy going, very calm.  You mean a lot to me.”

August 20, 2019--“Dr. Davidson, you are the nicest psychiatrist I have had in 15 years.”

August 20, 2019--“I know you are honest with me.  Everything you say is right.  I like that.  That’s why I feel comfortable when I come here.  I trust you.”

August 21, 2019--“I have made a lot of progress from when I first met you.”

August 21, 2019--“You’re such a wonderful doctor.”

August 21, 2019--“Dr. Davidson, I like you.”

August 21, 2019--“I loved what you said the last session.  It was just brilliant, amazing.  And you have an even mood.  People can lean on you.  You are very logical.  You are there for people.”

August 22, 2019--“You gave me a lot to think about.”

August 22, 2019----“You give really good advice.”

August 22, 2019--“You are a brilliant shrink.”

August 23, 2019—"My friend thinks you are the greatest and highly recommends you.”

August 26, 2019--“You have been a great help to me.  You had a lot to do with my recovery from my painful knee surgery.  I have positive feelings for you.  I have introjected you.  And my mother loved you, too.”

August 26, 2019--“Thank you for all your help.”

August 26, 2019--“I appreciate your analysis, and I walk out intrigued.”

August 26, 2019--"You are very calm, explain everything, look at me in a meaningful way that you want to help me, and you care.  I feel very comfortable coming here.  I told my daughter that you really care.  That's the reason I am coming here."

August 28, 2019--“If it weren’t for you and following all your advice, I’d be going to hell.”

August 28, 2019--“You have a way of communicating with people to see things from a better perspective.  I am very grateful for that.”

August 28, 2019--“I don’t feel so crazy after I tell you everything.  You say one thing, and it’s so enlightening.”

August 29, 2019--“What you say is so brilliant. You helped me tremendously.”

August 29, 2019--“I feel good being here.”

August 30, 2019--“I have to truly say that since seeing you, I don’t have this fear that my depression will take over my life and make it crap.  I have so much knowledge and support since coming here.”

August 30, 2019--"You are a smart man, see straight through it, and it's good to have a conversation with you.  I like the way you work.  You see whom you are dealing with quickly and tailor your conversation around that.”

September 3, 2019--“You have helped me.”

September 3, 2019--“You helped me endless.  I would not be a success if I had not met you.”

September 3, 2019--“My other psychiatrist didn’t even know I was bipolar.  He couldn’t help me.  You did.”

September 4, 2019--“Dr. Davidson.  Thank you for your kindness.”

September 4, 2019--Many of the things you told me have stuck.  You are right on so many things.”

September 4, 2019--"I feel comfortable when I come to you.  I say whatever I say and ask whatever I want."

September 4, 2019--“I am so glad I came here today.  You are a wonderful doctor.  I am totally comfortable with you.”

September 5, 2019--“Oh, you are the best!”

September 5, 2019--“I am less of a mess, thanks to you.”

September 5, 2019--“I feel good when I come here.”

September 5, 2019--“You really helped me today.  I feel a lot better.”

September 6, 2019--"I feel much better when I come here."

September 6, 2019--“My husband says since I have come to see you, I am much better.”

September 6, 2019--"You told me something, and it awakened me."

September 13, 2019--"You can figure things out a lot better than I can."

September 13, 2019--“My friend had such good things to say about you.”

September 13, 2019--“Thank you, Dr. Davidson.  I really appreciate it.”

September 13, 2019--“My friend sees you and says she likes you as her doctor.”

September 16, 2019--“You are a very good communicator.  I agree with everything you say.  I hear what you say, and I vent a lot.  I can tell you what I don’t tell others.  I even tell you what I have not discussed in years.  At home, it really registers what you tell me.”

September 16, 2019--“I am doing a lot better since when I first came to see you.”

September 16, 2019--“I appreciate what you have done for me.  You went through the wars with me.”

September 16, 2019--“Thank you for your terrific insights.”

September 17, 2019--“You help my fibromyalgia.  When I talk to you about what worries me, it helps me a lot.  And I feel safe here.  I am doing what you said, and it helps me.  Thank you.”

September 17, 2019--“I am very happy to be here in your office again.”

September 18, 2019--“I have come along way with you.  I came from being a severely, brain-injured person who could only drive 20 mph on city streets to someone who has her own business and can drive all over the city on the freeways.  I am a million times better.  Thank you.”

September 18, 2019--"You told me something, and it awakened me.  I am so glad I have an appointment with you.”

September 19, 2019--“Thank you Dr. Davidson.  You are a great physician.”

September 19, 2019--"I have learned from you that I am a good person, can take care of myself and let go of my hurt from my kids.  I have a plan how to handle my kids’ hostility.  You make good sense to me."

September 19, 2019--“Thank you for your help.  I am happy for your help.  I am happy with my progress.”

September 20, 2019--“You are the best!”

September 23, 2019--"I feel have made progress.  I feel happier, happier than I have been in a while."

September 24, 2019--“You nailed my situation in very short order.  I am very impressed.”

September 25, 2019--“You’ve given me a lot more data.  Thanks a lot.”

September 25, 2019--“Thank you so much, doctor.  I already feel better.”

September 26, 2019--“The notes I take when I am with you are very helpful to me.”

September 26, 2019--“Thank you very much.  I appreciate your insight.”

September 27, 2019--“Thank you again.  You have helped me for many years.”

October 1, 2019--“I’ve come a long way with you.”

October 1, 2019--“You do wonderful medication adjustments for me.”

October 1, 2019--“I always feel better, talking to you.  You are the only one whom I trust to give me feedback. No one else knows enough to tell me the right things. You have been consistently right over two years, long enough for me to know this.”

October 1, 2019--“I am going to have a better outcome because of you.  You are always helpful.”

October 2, 2019--"I feel great when I talk to you."

October 2, 2019--“I appreciate you sticking with me, as I feel I am in a jungle that I have never been in before.”

October 3, 2019--I feel secure with the medicine, and all your support has created good responses.”

October 7, 2019--“You don’t push.  I like that.  You are very calm.  You have a good effect on me, which very few do.”

October 7, 2019--"You have been very helpful to me."

October 8. 2019--“It’s amazing that you understand my wife.”

October 8, 2019--“My mother said she is very grateful to you.”

October 8, 2019--“Thanks for everything, Dr. Davidson.  You are a good listener.”

October 8, 2019--“I so deeply appreciate all you have done for me.  Thanks a million.”

October 10, 2019--“You’ve been a godsend for me and my husband.  You have shifted my husband's thinking and operation, which will be lifechanging.  And you have helped me find my balance.  I now feel I am in the right spot.”

October 10, 2019--“My psychotherapy with you is working.  You give me alternatives, and I choose which one I want.  It certainly helps.”

October 10, 2019--"A lot of good things that are happening are coming out of being here in this room with you."

October 10, 2019--“You are a very good doctor.”

October 15, 2019--“I feel safer coming to you, protected.”

On October 16, 2019--My mind is so clear.  I have not felt this clear for years.  I am so grateful I came to you.  I feel the best I have felt in years.”

On October 16, 2019--“This is a safe place for me to cry.”

October 16, 2019--“I get a lot of wisdom from you.”

October 16, 2019--“It always does me good to talk to you.”

October 17, 2019--“You are a very good doctor.”

October 17, 2019--“Thank you, seriously.  I feel much better.”

October 18, 2019--“Your advice has been extremely helpful.”

October 18, 2019--“Thank you for you helping my wife.”

October 21, 2019--"I feel really good.  I can't even tell you.  I can't remember feeling this good in eight years.  My mind is completely clear; and my memory is coming back; and I have more energy. What you told me is completely accurate.  I don't know how to express my gratitude.”

October 21, 2019--“I trust you with my medication and my psyche because I think you are an honest, intelligent man who cares.”

October 22, 2019--“You opened up a whole new way of seeing things.”

October 22, 2019--“I am progressing because of you.”

October 22, 2019--“Each time I come here; I feel better.  And my friends say you are a very good doctor.”

October 23, 2019—"It was very helpful to have the conversation we had.  Thank you for your guidance.”

October 23, 2019--“It helps me mirror image with you.  It’s a great support.”

October 28, 2019--“Thank you for helping me.  And I know you can help my friend.  She needs you.”

October 29, 2019--“Talking to you is like opening a door to becoming a better person.  If you weren’t here with me, I wouldn’t be proud of myself.  Coming here is a way for me to make sure that what I am doing is ok.  Sometimes I am not sure of myself.  I felt I didn’t belong in my family.”

October 29, 2019--“You have helped me improve my life quite a bit.  I told my rheumatologist that.”

October 30, 2019--“You’re great.”

November 4, 2011--“You really helped me shift it around in my life with my family.  The things I used to be uncomfortable doing, now I have no problems with."

November 4, 2011--“I just love you.  You are so honest.”

November 4, 2011--“Thank you.  As a result of your insight, I made excellent progress.  The person I was most fearful of wronging became my biggest advocate.  It happened twice!  You are very helpful.”

November 5, 2019--“You’ve been very kind.  I have been a difficult patient.”

November 5, 2019--“The patient in the waiting room told me you are a very good doctor.”

November 6, 2019--“I thought you were absolutely correct about everything we talked about.  Your advice was very sound.  I really appreciate it.”

November 6, 2019--“I feel much better than I did before I started seeing you.”

November 7, 2019--“You are very pleasant.”

November 7, 2019--“Thank you for all of your invaluable help.” 

November 8, 2019--“Thank you for explaining things so well.”

November 13, 2019--“I get a lot out of being here.  You know so much about medicine.”

November 14, 2019--“Thank you.  The things you told me worked perfectly!  You did good.  You really helped me a lot.”

November 14, 2019--“You really helped me shift it around in my life with my family.  Things I used to be uncomfortable doing, now I have no problems.”

November 14, 2019--"I am getting stuff done.  I can see things clearer."

November 14, 2019--“I appreciate what you have done for me, more than you can imagine.”

November 15, 2019--“I really appreciate your concern about my health.  It was very sweet of you.”

November 18, 2019--“I have learned from you that I am a very good person and don’t deserve to be mistreated by my children.”

November 18, 2019--“If it weren’t for you, I would not be alive today.”

November 18, 2019--“I am better, thanks to you.”

November 19, 2019--“You really are an unbelievably kind doctor.”

November 19, 2019--“You are like the essence of a good doctor.”

November 19, 2019--“I like talking to you as you help to change my perspective for the better.”

November 19, 2019--“We are blessed to have you as our doctor.”

November 20, 2019--“My husband has not felt good in 10 years.  He has asked for just one good day in his life.  Since he has been seeing you, he has felt good every day.” 

November 20, 2019--“I respect you, as you listen to everyone’s heartache all day long.”

November 21, 2019--“Thank you for everything.”

November 22, 2019--“You have told me more things than any doctor I have seen in five years.  You have been saving my life repeatedly.  Coming in here is the only thing that has helped me.  Thanks for the great advice.”

November 22, 2019--“So much of my improvement and what I have accomplished is what you have done to me, medication wise.”  “You helped me to think.  I can now make the decisions with the intelligence I have.”

November 22, 2019--“Thanks to you I am doing so well.  You figured out the problem and we solved it.  I have a quality of life now.  It’s awesome.”

November 25, 2019--“I am very pleased with the help you gave me.”

November 29, 2019--“I got lucky to get you.”

November 29, 2019--“You are smart, kind, and very patient.”

December 2, 2019—"I am trying to get my niece to see you.”

December 2, 2019--“You are the only person I talk to very personally like this.  This is a magical room.  The energy in your room is just what I need.  I feel comfortable talking to you.”

December 2, 2019--“You are a rarity as you do psychotherapy.”

December 2, 2019—"Your science knowledge, pharmacological training, success in life, and valuable life experience make you an outstanding psychiatrist.”

December 3, 2019--“You are very uplifting.”

December 3, 2019--“I deeply appreciate all you have done for me.  Thank a million.”

December 5, 2019--"You have told me more things than any doctor I have seen in five years.  You have been saving my life repeatedly.  Coming in here is the only thing that has helped me.”

December 6, 2019--“You make me happy.”

December 6, 2019--“I like coming to you.  We understand each other.”

December 6, 2019--“I feel fine.  You have uplifted my spirits.”

December 6, 2019--“My husband thinks you are very smart.  I said to him that I know that.”

December 6, 2019--“Thank you.  I feel much better.”

December 10, 2019--“My internist raves about you.”

December 10, 2019--“You explain things to me.  I really appreciate your approach, a lot.”

December 11, 2019--“My internist raves about you.”

December 13, 2019--“I get more information from you than any other doctor I see.  And you keep great records.”

December 13, 2019—"Thank you for your patience and persistence.”

December 13, 2019--“You helped me tremendously.”

December 16, 2019--“You are very positive.”

December 16, 2019--“I look forward to seeing you again.  I think you can help me.”

December 16, 2019--“Thank you.  I am much better than I was 8 months ago.’”

December 16, 2019--“You explained my problem to me really well.  I have had such a tremendous transformation.  Thank you.”

December 17, 2014--“Thank you.  No one deserves a gift more than you do.”

December 18, 2019--“The internist whom I have worked with for 20 years highly recommended you.”

December 18, 2019--Thank you.  I want you to know that I remember everything you have done for me, and I appreciate it.”

December 18, 2019--“You are one of the wonderful things in my life.”

December 19, 2019--“Since coming here, I am emotionally regulated.  You worked so hard to get me functioning.  Now, I am nice to me and can calm myself down.” 

December 20, 2019--"Thank you for being a helping hand and a listening ear through my difficult time.”

December 20, 2019--“I am grateful to be able to see you.”

December 23, 2019--“Thank you so much for your support.”

December 23, 2019--“Thank you for everything.”

December 24, 2019--“We feel very blessed that you are in our lives right now.”

December 24, 2019--“Thank you.  My level of clarity has greatly improved.”

December 26, 2019--“Thank god I came here.  All doctors are not made equal.  There are some A doctors and some D doctors.  You’re an A.”

December 26, 2019--“Thank you for all you do and all your caring.  My brother is much better, thanks to you.”

December 26, 2019--“I feel a lot better than when I first came here.”

December 26, 2019--“Thank you for being such a great doctor.”

December 26, 2019—"I have had complete faith in you since I met you.  I knew from meeting you that you’d be really good for me.  I have been very happy with you.”

December 29, 2019--“I feel more grounded after talking to you.”

December 31, 2019--“I want my mother to see you.  You are the greatest.”

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