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Testimonials - 2018


January 2, 2018--"Thank you, Dr. Davidson.  I am better because of you."

January 2, 2018--"You are a great doctor."

January 2, 2018--"The key to my getting better was to find a psychiatrist like you who is smart enough to figure out my case.  Since I have known you, I have my mind back.  I  am grateful for you."

January 3, 2018--"I am okay, thanks to you."

January 4, 2018--"You are a great therapist."

January 5, 2018--"I feel better when I leave."

January 5, 2018--"Seeing you is much better than seeing my VA psychiatrist."

January 8, 2018--"Thanks to you, my son's mood and ability have increased tremendously."

January 9, 2018--"My cardiologist said he referred several patients to you, and they were very pleased with their results."

January 10, 2018-- "Thank you for helping me.  I am slowly getting better, thinking better and more alert."

January 10, 2018--"Overall, thanks to you, I learned a lot and feel better."

January 11, 2018--"I like you and trust you.  I have shared things with you that I haven't told my previous therapist in 10 years."

January 12, 2018--"I enjoyed today very much.  I trust you.  I have been in therapy with another doctor for so many years.  Giving the trust over to someone new is difficult." 

January 18, 2018--“You are amazing.  You helped me a lot.  Very enlightening.  Thanks so much.”

January 18, 2018--"You opened new ways for me to think about my problems."

January 18, 2018--"You have made me so aware."

January 18, 2018--"You are light years ahead of me."

January 23, 2018--"You are the best thing that has happened to me."

January 23, 2018--"Thank you for having that talk with me."

February 7, 2018--"Since I have been seeing you, I have been making better progress."

February 9, 2018--"Thank you very much.  I feel better."

February 10, 2018--"Thank you, Dr. Davidson.  My health is great, and I have no mania or depression.  My son got married and my daughter had a son.  I have lots to celebrate."

February 14, 2018--4:47 tested blood by Kumar, MD, all tests, hold for a thyroid problem

February 14, 2018--"I am really doing good and I have to thank you."

February 15, 2018--"Dr. Davidson.  Your comments are better than a pill.  They stay with you."

February 21, 2018--"Thank you for what you say to me." 

February 22, 2018--"I feel so much better since I started coming to you.  Your medicine is responsible for my feeling well."

February 22, 2018--"I am really glad I have you as a doctor."

February 28, 2018--"My mother changed her character for the better after she was in therapy with you."

March 13, 2018--"It's your input that makes the difference for me."

March 2, 2018--"You saved my life.  Thank you.  I could not be able to do any of this if not for you.  You kept me safe while I was injured and supported me when no one cared.  I thank you for believing in me and telling me kind things so I wouldn't give up when my head injury days were tough.  Some days I still struggle, but I tell no one.  I just keep going, so I capture every precious moment of life I am blessed with.”

March 8, 2018--"You have been very patient and innovative.  I appreciate it very much."

March 12, 2018--"My son says we are so lucky to have you as my doctor.  You understand me and my family.  My son really sang your praises."

March 14, 2018--"Thank you so much for helping me out."

March 14, 2018--"You are giving me exceptional care.  It's been lifesaving.  I am glad I found you.”

March 20, 2018--"I am so much better, which I think is all do to your therapy."

March 23, 2018--"My daughter is so lucky she found a doctor like you."

March 27, 2018--"Thank you for making me feel better.  You always do."

March 28, 2018--"Without you, I'd be in the street."

March 29, 2018--"I want to thank you so so much for all your help during a very crucial time in my life."

April 9, 2018--"I was feeling a lot of anxiety.  You made me feel a lot better."

May 16, 2018--“You have helped me beyond my expectations and beyond what all my other psychiatrist have done.”

May 16, 2018--“I like talking to you.”

May 22, 2018--“I value seeing you more than anything.”

June 26, 2018--“I am proud I am going to a psychiatrist.  I feel you understand me.”

July 10, 2018--“My internist says you are among the best psychiatrists in the world.”

August 22, 2018--“I owe you tons of appreciation for helping my son.  Thanks to you, you really helped me a lot.”  

August 22, 2019--“You are exceptional.  You have a heart.  That’s why I keep coming to see you.”

August 22, 2018--“You are excellent and have done great things to help me.”

August 22, 2018--“Thank you very much for finding the right medication for me.”

August 21, 2018--"I really like you and am very comfortable about you."

August 23, 2018--“I am comfortable coming to see you.  You let me speak my mind. You tell me things I need to hear.”

September 5, 2018—"I am so grateful for all the caring and teaching and advising and medication you give me.  I cannot thank you enough.”

September 24, 2018--“I have a connection with you.  I think you are a great doctor.”

September 25, 2018--“I appreciate all your help, your kindness, and your patience.”

October 2, 2018--"I am glad my friend is seeing you.  You are really helping her a lot."

October 4, 2018--"I have gotten so much advice and help from you."

October 4, 2018--"I had an absolutely great session with you yesterday.  I am so grateful."

October 5, 2018--"I value your opinion more than any other person."

October 10, 2018--"I can talk to you and share with you my deepest, inner feelings."

October 11, 2018--“Thank you for your patience and helping me.”

October 19, 2018--“Things have worked out really well with my daughter, because of our session.”

October 23, 2018—"You are a very nice person and I always feel better when I leave her.  I get a different kind of perspective and it makes me go on.”

October 23, 2018--“Thank you for helping me.”

October 24, 2018--“Thank you for your sage advice.”

October 30, 2018--“Being with you is 45 minutes of an oasis of my life.”

October 30, 2018--“You understand me and my situation. You don’t aggravate me.  I can talk to you.  Talking to you makes me feel better.”

October 31, 2018--"I feel better coming in and talking to you.  It's hard to talk to anybody about this."

November 1, 2018--“You are the only one I really talk to.”

November 5, 2018--“You are a very caring and kind-hearted human being.”

November 28, 2018--"I like you.  You are so nice and sweet.  And you answer the phone."

November 5, 2018--“I wouldn’t be able to handle my demands if it weren’t for you.”

November 7, 2018--“You are a wonderful guy.  I even mention you at AA meetings.  Everything we did together was the best therapy I have ever done.  You have a great effect on me.”

November 7, 2018--“You are a very good doctor.  You listen.  You care.  Other psychiatrists are dry.  You are a psychiatrist and psychologist together.  You just don’t prescribe medication but listen too.  For me, I normally don’t like Doctor of Medicine, but for me you are a very good doctor.”

November 8, 2018--“You are my favorite doctor.”

November 9, 2018--“Thank you for helping me get back on track.”

November 14, 2018--“You are the best.  You always make me feel safe.  You have helped me so much.”

November 15, 2018--“You are easy to talk to.  I feel it’s like talking to my best friend and not a doctor.”

November 21, 2018--“You have been wonderful, so great!”

November 21, 2008--“Thank you for kindness and help. I really appreciate it.”

November 27, 2018--“I feel better after I talk to you.”

November 27, 2018--“I would rather open up to you than my friends and family who can mislead my emotions

November 29, 2018--“Thank you for being my doctor.  I appreciate it very much.  You are the one and only person I can talk to without fearing embarrassment, etc., no judgment.”

December 10, 2018--“You are always right.”

December 26, 2018—"Thank you for this year.  You are valuable in my life.  A good doctor is hard to find.  I am glad you are my doctor.”

December 27, 2018--“You make me change how I think.”

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