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Frequently Asked Questions & Pay By Credit Card or Venmo


Q: What kinds of insurance does Dr. Davidson accept?


A: I accept major medical insurance, PPO insurance, Medicare, pre-authorized workers compensation cases, and fee-for-service.   . 


Regarding Blue Cross and Blue Shield, I am "an out of network"  Blue Cross and Blue Shield provider.  I do not accept Medi-Cal.


If you are in doubt about your insurance coverage, it is always wise to contact your insurance carrier and query them whether your insurance covers my services.  If you have any questions about this, please call me and discuss your concerns.


Please note that if you have psychiatric coverage with your medical insurance, it will only pay for face-to-face visits.  It will not pay for missed appointments, telephone time including calling pharmacies for refills, faxes, texts, emails, or report writing--all for which I charge.

Q: Does Dr. Davidson see patients in his office at this time?

A: As of March 2020, because of COVID 19, I am not seeing patients in my office.  I see my patients by videoconferencing, only--via iPhone on FaceTime, via Android on WhatsApp, Viber, or Facebook Messenger; or via computer on Zoom.

Q: How can I make an appointment?


A: It's easy.  Call 310-271-7176.  Either I will answer directly and will help you, or leave a message on my voice mail.  I will usually call back during the week within a few hours.  On the weekend, it may take longer.


Q: What does the first appointment consist of?


A: At the first appointment I like for you to get to know me and feel relatively comfortable.  I want to hear about you, your problems, your medical condition, your medications, and your life.  Obviously, it takes time to get to know someone.


Q: What should I bring to my first appointment?


A: It's always best to bring your insurance cards and a list of all your medications, including prescribed medications, over-the-counter drugs, and herbals and supplements.


Q: What about my feeling anxious about my first appointment?

A: Often new patients feel anxious about their first appointment.  This is natural and understandable.  Typically, this will pass in a short time.


Q: What is Dr. Davidson's office like?   


A: My office is in a modern, general medical building on the fourth floor.  You come up to the fourth floor by elevator.  I have a small waiting room filled with pictures and paintings.  When you walk through the hall doorway into my waiting room, this triggers a light in my office to tell me that you have arrived.  When it's time for your appointment I will greet you.  I am tall--6'4".

When you walk into my main office, it is decorated in a contemporary style--blues, browns, and blacks.  It has the feel of being in someone's home.  I usually dress in slacks and a long sleeve shirt--no tie.  The atmosphere is intended to be casual.  I do take notes on a computer unless this bothers you.


My goal is to make you feel relaxed.  You should reassure yourself to feel proud that you are seeking help, as that is the right thing for you to do for yourself.


Q: How long do Dr. Davidson's appointments last?

A: Typically, your appointment will last 45 minutes.

Q: How can I get a hold of Dr. Davidson in an emergency?


A: You may page me at any time by calling 424-243-6141.  At the recorded prompt instruction, key in your telephone number.  I will be paged and get back to you shortly.  In an emergency, you can dial 911, or go to your nearest emergency room.

Pay By Credit Card:   

                  1.  Click on PayPal button, below:

                  2.  Under "description" write "psychiatric services."  Thank you.


Pay by Venmo at Ronald-Davidson-11.

Q: Does Dr. Davidson see patients in the hospital.  

A: No.  Although for decades I have had in-patient privileges at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, unfortunately, Cedars has closed its in-patient psychiatric facility.

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