January 7, 2021--"Of all my therapists, you are the only one who has helped me."

January 13, 2021--"You say a lot of things to me that are very helpful.  We have very meaningful conversations."

January 14, 2021--"Thank you so much for today."

January 14, 2021—"It's good to have you to talk to."

January 14, 2021--"You are one of the stars of my life to keep me on the straight and narrow.  I told my doctor that you had helped me tremendously."

January 15, 2021--"Talking about all of this with you has helped with my back pain."

January 19, 2021--"I feel better talking to you every week.  I always feel better.  I get things off my chest; you do not judge me, and you give me good advice.  You are interested in my health and well-being."

January 20, 2021—"I appreciate how much you've helped my husband."

January 21, 2021-" My husband said he's never seen me looking so good in many years.  He says I have been doing really good work with you.  He says we are a really good team.  He says we have never been this close, ever."

January 21, 2021--"My daughter says you are a really good therapist."

January 21, 2021--"Everything you said was very wonderful.  You articulated it very clearly.  I understood everything you said."

January 22, 2921--"You helped me so much the other day with my fears."

January 22, 2021--Talking to you has helped me so much.

January 25, 2021--"I appreciate you being there for me."

January 26, 2021--"I appreciate your help."

January 26, 2021--"It's because of you that I was able to fix the danger in my life."

January 26, 2021--"You're a caring doctor and a good human being.  Thanks again for all your help."

January 27, 2021--"I appreciate what you have done for my wife and me."

January 28, 2021--"I am benefiting a great deal from our talks."

January 28, 2021--"I have praised you a lot to my best friend."

January 28, 2021--"I feel better going over my life options with you."

January 28, 2021—"I feel better.  I am glad I got to talk to you and straighten all this out."

January 28, 2021--"I am very grateful to you for stepping up to the plate."

January 29, 2021--"You have helped me not be angry with my siblings. I used to hold so much anger. I don't feel it anymore."

January 29, 2021—"Talking to you has helped me so much."

February 3, 2021--"I am glad I get to talk to you today.  Thank you."

February 8, 2021--"What you talked to me about really helped me."

February 9, 2021--"You are smart, professional, and trained.  I trust you."

February 9, 2021--"I am pleased with my psychological progress.  I am aware of the changes I feel—more relaxed, giving less attention to the bad stuff."

February 10, 2021--"I appreciate how much concern you give to my medications."

February 10, 2021—"We are working together as a team. It's been hard for me to find a doctor who'll help me.  My family doctor recommended you.  You seem to understand me."

February 10, 2021--"I appreciate your feedback. It's really helpful."

February 11, 2021— "It's been very easy talking to you, which I appreciate. It's helped my coping with my pain and depression."

February 11, 2021--"I am benefiting a great deal from our talks."

February 11, 2021--"My relationship with you is very important to me. You are especially very helpful, more than with my other psychiatrists.  I like your input very much.  You always give me the strength to go on."

February 11, 2021--"I am only myself with you. It's safe with you."

February 11, 2021--"I know you care, doctor, more than just being a doctor."

February 12, 2012--"I appreciate your pep talk."

February 15, 2021—"It helps to talk to you."

February 18, 2021--"I feel safe with you, going into feelings."

February 18, 2021--"Thanks a lot for today."

February 18, 2021--Talking to you has helped me so much."

February 19, 2021--Thank you for teaching me to finally speak up for myself in my life."

February 23, 2021—"Thank you, Dr. Davidson.  You are multi-faceted."

February 23, 2021--"I really enjoyed our talk yesterday and felt something very different today. I feel more self-sufficient. When we talked about it, it really became real to me in a way that a penny dropped, and today I felt I have myself. Your talk was so powerful."

February 25, 2021--"Thank you.  You are always a great help to me."

February 26, 2021--"You helped me change my attitude a lot. You helped me, encouraged me, said I am doing better every time. You are a good doctor. You sent me to great doctors.  You are very connected."

February 26, 2021—"My husband liked you very much."

March 2, 2021—"Great session."

March 3, 2021--"Thank you so much.  I feel much better."

March 3, 2021--"You have such compassion."

March 4, 2021--"I think you are a very smart guy, and you know what you are doing."

March 10, 2021—"You've been awesome to me, always there, and explained everything so well.  Thank you."

March 10, 2021--"Thank you for helping me be calm."

March 10, 2021--"You have helped me more than any other psychiatrist I have had.  I feel understood by you."

March 11, 2021--"I haven't ever had a psychiatrist who is as careful as you are."

March 15, 2021—"Thanks for helping me through this."

March 15, 2021--"You are working with my wife on stuff that has haunted her as long as I have know her. You and she are an amazing team. She is very courageous. We have come so close to the edge. There has been so much mortality stuff this year."

March 18, 2021—"You have been very helpful to me."

March 18, 2021--"You are dead right on with your advice."

March 18, 2021--"My internist thinks very highly of you."